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bathroom, patterned floor tiles, white wall tiles, dark green cabinet with white top, ovale mirror, white toilet Instagram - Merav Katzman

Bathroom, Patterned Floor Tiles, Patterned Wall Tiles, Wooden Table, White Sink, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Grey Patterned Floor, White Wall Tiles, Wooden Vanity Table, White Sink, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Black Floor Tiles, White Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, Grey Subway, White Tub, Modern Chandelier, Glass Partition
Bathroom, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, Dark Green Cabinet With White Top, Ovale Mirror, White Toilet
Bathroom Vanity, White Wall, Blue Patterned Backsplash Tiles, Wooden Floating Vanity, Wooden Floating Rack, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Wall Tiles, Green Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Top, White Sink, Round Mirror With Black Metal Frame
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Wall, Patterned Tiles Floating Vanity, White Sink, White Toilet
Bathroom, White Patterned Floor, White Shiplank, White Subway Wall, White Toilet, Wooden Cabinet, Round Mirror, White Sink
Bathroom, Grey Wall, White Shower Floor, Round Mirror, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Sink, Blue Patterned Floor, Wooden Wall
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, Black White Patterned Wall Tiles, White Sink, Wooden Cabinet, White Toilet, Round Mirror, Golden Sconce

Even though it is usually a small place, a bathroom needs to be decorated prettily. The easiest and probably the most permanent thing to beautify a bathroom is by putting pretty patterned tiles to the wall or floor. If you love to play with patterns, you would love to see some inspirations below.

Floating Patterns
This bathroom gives a simple setting with white painted wall and white toilet. However, the patterned tiles on this long line of backsplash and the floating vanity make an amazing look in the bathroom, with easy patterns for the white bathroom.

Calming Patterns
In this elegant looking bathroom, the patterns are so graceful and pretty. It curves bring elegance to the room and the installment in he wall and floor make it a light companion to the wooden vanity and door.

Strong Black and White
This bathroom gives a strong yet so pretty of black and white pattern look. The patterns on the wall gives a strong impression in an easy pattern with black and white. The golden sconces above the mirror make this black and white setting looks even nicer.

Patterns in Minimalist Room
This bright and minimalist bathroom makes an amazing look. The grey wall and shower floor makes a great background to the soft and pastel colors seen on the patterned floor. This minimalist combination creates a really pretty look.

White Details
This bathroom makes a pretty look with white and white details. Because all is white, the details are prettily subtle but give remarkable touches in this small room. Combining minimalist white setting with white patterned details give the room a calming ambiance and elegance touch.

Beautiful Details
Similar tot he previous one, this one also puts subtle details with its white and elegant details. The white patterned floor looks amazing combined with the white subway tiles and the modern lighting fixture above.

Pretty Setting
Here is another pretty patterned floor that looks amazing to the bathroom of white. The warm wooden vanity and accessories easily blend to the floor.

The Simple Nook
Besides putting a bathroom to a more beautiful look, patterned tiles can make a small nook like this one here more amazing. And it is just a simple install too. The patterned tiles are installed to the backsplash and with the wooden floating vanity, this simple nook looks super.

Colorful Pattern
This fresh vanity makes a pretty look with its fresh green cabinet and the black detailed frame. This one also gives colorful patterned floor tiles that give fun look to the already cheerful green cabinet.

Warm Patterns
This one puts an elegant look with the warm and pretty patterns on the floor. The yellow and blue patterns on the tiles make a pretty combination to the white wall and dark green cabinet. The smooth surface gives a modern setting but the patterns give pretty and more interesting details to this modern vanity.

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