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bathroom, white floor, white vaulted ceiling, white tub, wooden stools DIY Decors

Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Vaulted Ceiling, White Tub, Brick Exposed Wall
Bathroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wooden Vaulted Ceiling, White Tub
Bathroom, White Wooden Floor, White Tub, Glass Partition, White Vanity
Bathroom, White Wooden Floor, White Vaulted Ceiling, Modern Chandelier, White Tub, White Cabinet, Wooden Chair
Bathroom, White Floor, White Vaulted Ceiling, White Tub, Wooden Stools
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Marble Floor, White Tub, Black Side Table, White Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Wall, Wooden Accent Wall, Black Vanity, Black Cabinet, White Sink
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Sink, Black Wall, White Vaulted Ceiing, White Tub, Pendants
Bathroom, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Wall Tiles, Floating Vanity, White Sink, White Toilet
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Marble Wall, Black Wall, White Vaulted Children, Wooden Vanity, White Vanity With White Sink, White Toilet, Glass Partition
Bathroom, White Vaulted Ceiling, Glass Partition, White Tub

If you are trying to get an elegant and modern bathroom, you would love to have tall vaulted ceiling that can help you accentuate the elegance and brightness in the bathroom. Bathroom with vaulted ceiling has already its own beauty with its architectural privilege. With vaulted ceiling, you can go simple and minimalist and still get the room grandly beautiful. This one below is a compilation of bathrooms with tall vaulted ceiling.

Modern and Tall
This simple bathroom has a really simple set with vaulted wall that makes it look impressive. The neutral white and brown combination in the bathroom looks easy and brightened perfectly well with the large window.

Marble and High Window
This is another bathroom that has incredible look with its vaulted ceiling, white marble wall, glass partition, and the bright ceiling window. This window makes enlightens the room and the white marble wall reflects the light perfectly.

Modern Bathroom
This bathroom brings out its modern ambiance through the black and white setting. The wooden floating vanity makes a nice and easy bridge in this bathroom and the pendants make the room look interesting.

Small Modern Bathroom
This bathroom also has a great bright modern setting with white floor and wall with wooden accent in the wall and floor. This has made the room looks elegant along with the vaulted ceiling.

Neutral under the Vaulted Ceiling
This bathroom makes a neutral look under the vaulted ceiling beautiful. The grey wall and the combination with wooden floor and white tub and toilet make the room both modern modern and minimalist.

Behind the Glass Partition
Putting glass partition to part your bathroom might make the bathroom feels too open but if you love an open and bright bathroom, that is a great thing to do. This bathroom shows how brilliant a bathroom looks with its pretty vaulted ceiling, bright window and glass partition.

Triangle Bathroom
This bathroom makes a strong beautiful look with its large triangle window that brings a strong force of light to the room. The vaulted ceiling makes a unique and beautiful look to the room while creating a tent like look.

Open Bathroom
This one is a gorgeous example of open bathroom that continues to the bedroom. In this open bathroom, the room is under the vaulted wall and ceiling that makes the room look more alive. The windows on the vaulted wall contributes a really gorgeous detail.

Simply Grand
This large bathroom is simply grandeur with its simple touches. The white on white setting is prettified with golden details all over the tall bathroom. The simple design make the room look traditional while also pronouncing its beauty.

Grand and Comfortable
Similar to the previous one, this one also has a unique vaulted ceiling with gran look on it. The white on white setting makes a really beautiful background with subtle details while the wooden and golden lines beautify the room.

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