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white small bathroom with aquare tiles, white toilet, dark container, with sink on top, mirror, bath area Adams + Beasley Associates

Small Bathroom With Black Subway Tiles On The Wall And Sink, White Tub, White Sink, Metal Rack
White Small Bathroom With Colorful Assymetric Pattern Ceiling, White Toilet, White Sink, White Tub With Showe And Glass Partition, Glass Shelves
White Small Bathroom With Aquare Tiles, White Toilet, Dark Container, With Sink On Top, Mirror, Bath Area
Small Bathroom With Pale Blue Tiles Wall, Beige Flooring, White Toilet, Wooden Cabinet With White Sink On Top, Mirror
Small Bathroom With Blue Painted Bricks, Blue Painted Wall, Copper Sink Supported By Wooden Stool, White Tiles Bathtub, Mirror
Small Bathroom With Red Walls, White Tiling Walls In Shower Area, Black And White Flooring, White Sink, Round Mirror
Small Bathroom Under Slanted Ceiling With White Toilet, White Cabinet With White Sink, White Tiling Floor, White Tiling Backsplash
Small Bathroom With White Toilet With Black Lid, Claw Feet Black Tub With White Inside With Curtain, White Wall, White And Black Tiles
White Small Bathroom With White Toilet, Cream Wastafel Top And Sink, Square Mirror, Shower Area With Glass Door
White Small Bathroom With Wooden Flooring, White Toilet, White Shelves, White Sink, White Tiles On Shower Area

Having small space for bathroom might as not as problematic as having small space for living room or bedroom. However, bathroom is as essential as another room and when we’re in bathroom; we would love to have the most comfort we can have. So, here are some ideas on how you can arrange your small bathroom so that it won’t look too cramped.

Dark Bathroom

Although people prefer to have white or nude color to maintain the brightness of the small bathroom, having dark colors on small room gives depth to the room that makes the room seems to look larger. And if you’re afraid of unhygienic dark bathtub, you can stick to white bathtub.

Nude Tidy Bathroom

When you have small space, you would need to make sure that you arrange your furniture effectively as in everything will be in the right place so that it won’t look cramped. In this picture, you can see that the toilet is placed in the corner.

Tidy White Bathroom

In a small space, you just want everything look tidy. To get your tidy room you would need shelves so that you can stack your toiletries tidily. And to avoid getting too merry in colors, you can try white colors for the furnishings.

Classic Small Bathroom

If you are the kind of person who love to have something classic, you can use claw foot tub and put curtain around it. When one thinks of classic room, sometimes it is always connected with some big furnishings but right here in this picture, you can see that it’s not a problem at all. With the right lighting, your classic bathroom will look splendid.

The Magnifying Mirror and Glass

Although it is not that magnifying as in fantasy novels, mirrors and glass here gives you much more room to see. Mirrors give you the effect of much more room seen in there and glass gives you invisible partition. So, if you’d like to have your dry toilet intact, you can always have glass for your partition.

Romantic Small Bathroom

To give romantic look in your small bathroom, you can try something as simple as having white painted wall and mix it with some pale color.  Put white and nude furnishings and you have romantic look in your small bathroom.

Sloping Ceiling

If you want to use the space under the slanting ceiling, you can use it for your bathroom. And you can see that even under the sloping ceiling, you can put sink, toilet, and even small tub across. Maximizing your room will not be any problem.

Red and White in Small Bathroom

In this picture, you can see that bathroom can happen in an alley. If you don’t want your bathroom to look typically in white, you can mix it with bold color like red and the red color will be pronouncedly seen. There are so many bathroom furnishings that have small size and even slim shape so you don’t have to worry.

Colorful Ceiling

If you want to have some colors in your bathroom but you’re afraid of making your bathroom to look too merry, thus cramped, you can focusing on giving some colors in the ceiling instead of the walls.

Blue Raw Bathroom

In this picture, you can see how even small bathroom can turn into something so beautiful. With raw wall painted blue and stool supported sink, this beautiful idea is perfect for those who love arts.


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