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classic traditional white tub with rain shower in the middel top closed by white curtain around the tub Terrastone Corporation

Grey Small Bathtub With Shower Faucet On Top
White Bathtub With Brown Tiles Outside And In The Wall And Golden Shower Installed Against The Wall Inside
Bathroom With White Bathtub Covered In Mosaic Tiles, Silver Round Rain Shower On Top And Moveable Shower Under
Classic Traditional White Tub With Rain Shower In The Middel Top Closed By White Curtain Around The Tub
Bathroom With Grey Tile Flooring, Blue Mosaic Tiles In Built In Bathtub And A Shower On Top , In Backsplash Sink
White Subway Tiles Bathtub With Black Metal Shower
Whte Large Bowl Tub In One Area With The Shower
Black Clawfoot Tub With White Inside And Rain Shower On Top
Bathroom With White Bathtub Covered With Brown Tiles Outside, Near A Shower Area
Small Bathtub With Large Space Outside And Shower On Top

Some people like to have separated place for shower and bathtub and sometimes they just go with one of them. However, some people, regardless how much space they have, like to just combine them in a bathroom. These two can be combined in one area and in two areas. Despite how you want it to be, there are some ideas that you might like below, to help you consider which one will look the best in your bathroom and will show your taste.

A Combination in a Large Bathroom

If you have a large space in bathroom, you will be able to put your shower and bathroom in whatever you want it. Like this one, with bathtub in one side, the shower is put in another side of the bathroom.

On Stage

It is a great idea to make a kind of stage for the bathtub with yellowish white marble. And although the area is wide enough, the bathtub itself is quite small. The shower on top is a great choice to complete the look.

Blue Mosaic Touch

This one is clearly an exquisite idea with blue touch on the greyish bathroom. The bathtub is built-in in the floor make you have to get down to go to the bathtub or to shower.

Around the Mosaic

These beautiful mosaic tiles cover the shower area and of course the bathtub too. The combination is simply letting the shower installed inside the bathtub area.

Beautiful Glow

With brown marbles around the bathroom, a beautiful glow is created around the bathroom. The marble in the bathtub and shower area is the same as the rest. And the shower is in gold color that matches with the sconces and the sink faucet.

Claw Foot Shower

This one is a great combination of a classic claw foot tub in white and black with a silver rain shower. The wet area is only in the bathtub. Although it depends on people’s taste, but if you want something like this without making everywhere wet, you can put glass partition.

White Bowl

This pretty bowl tub looks exceptional. The room practically looks even greater with the tub inside. The shower is simple with metal finish in another end of the shower area.

Black Shower Faucet

Besides the usual silver color of shower faucet, a black faucet is pretty popular because of its different kind of feeling. And if you like contrast, you will agree that this black faucet looks great with white surrounding like this.

All That Grey

This one is a beautiful bathroom with grey color palette. With its combination of bathtub and shower, the space is neat and can save much more space, especially if your bathroom have quite small space.

Classic Tub Shower

With rain shower faucet installed from the ceiling like this, you will be able to have curtain covered you closely.

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