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small bathroom with yellow subway tiles wall, mosaic hexagon tiles flooring, white toilet, small white bathtub Renewal Design & Build

Long Small Bahtroom With Clear Glass Globe Pendant, White Black Mosaic Tiles Flooring, White Wainscot, White Black Toilet And Bathtub With Curtain And Shower
Small Bathroom With Black Mosaic Tiles On Wall And Sink, Grey Tiles Flooring, White Bathtub Sink And Toilet, Metal Rack
Small Bathroom With Yellow Subway Tiles Wall, Mosaic Hexagon Tiles Flooring, White Toilet, Small White Bathtub
Small Bathroom With Mosaic Tiles On The Wall, White Square Tub, White Toilet
Small Bathroom With Dark Painted Walls To The Ceiling, White Wainscoting, Black Tub With White Inside, Black Cabinet With White Counter Top, White Toilet, Window
Long Bthroom With Long Small Bathtub, Wooden Flooring, White Sin, Chandelier, White Wainscot, Brown Wallpaper
Bathroom With White Tiles Wall, Brown Tiles Flooring, White Tub, White Toilet, White Sink, Colorful Wallpaper, Glass Shelves, Towel Rack
Small Bathroom With Four Foot Bathtub In White, White Tiles On The Wall, White Tiles Flooring, Black Cabinet With White Counter And Sink, Wooden Shelves
Rustic Bathroom With Woodbrown Woodenn Flooring, White Wooden Panel Wall, Wooden Round Bathtub With Shower, White Curtain
Classic Bathroom With White Curvy Tub, White Grey Tiles Wall And Floor, Grey Cabinet With White Counter Top And Sink

Just like other room, bathroom can feel suffocating if you don’t put the right furniture. Some people give up on having bathtub because they think it will use all the space they have in their bathroom. However, as there is bathtub for large bathroom, there is also bathtub for small bathroom. You don’t have to give up the bathtub you have wanted for your bathroom. With the right size, shape, and color, your bathtub will be just perfect. Below are some ideas on how a bathtub can be in a small bathroom and how it can be placed.

White Rectangular Tub

This one is a simple one. The design is simply rectangular in white and it is placed in one of the corner, side by side with shelves in one side and sink in other side.

Round Wooden Barrel

This is really perfect for those who love to have rustic furniture and something unique in their home. With this round wooden bathtub, you give am old times feeling to the room. Of course you will need not to forget as to put some coating so that the water will not ruin the wood.

Small Bathtub for Sloping Ceiling

If you really want to make use of all the space in your home, you might want to use the space near the ceiling even if it’s with sloping ceiling. If you have that kind of space, you will need small bathtub like this that you can put near the end of the room. The bright color can make the room less gloomy if there is small light can come through the room.

Long Slim Bathroom

With this kind of space, you need to adjust the furniture for this room. For a long bathroom, you will love to have a long bathtub too. Although it is not as wide as bathtub mostly, it will give your feet extra space.

Classic Claw Foot Tub

With small bathroom, you still can have something classic. Classic doesn’t always mean big and large. This tub comes with small size and sleek curve that it looks perfect for this bathroom.

Curvy Back Tub

This is another curvy bathtub for you who like to have something classic in the bathroom. With higher back area, this tub is perfect for you who love to have a relax time after a rough and long day.

Small Dark Room

Mostly think small room should be painted white. Whereas, dark paint can actually recede the room so it looks like it has further wall. This bathroom looks like use dark paint to have the room looks larger. And the bathtub definitely agrees on the theme that is uses black color.

White Sturdy Tub

This is another bathroom with dark wall. The bathtub is simple enough, though. Although it is bulky and sturdy, the room with dark color is successfully tuning it down.

Color on Top

This bathroom is almost all white. With all white furniture, it successfully brings color on top of the room. The bathtub is quite simple with its white and rectangular shape. With glass partition, the toilet is protected from the water splash.

Simple Square

If you prefer something square, you will love this one. With white color and simple design, it will look good on any color you attempt to have in your bathroom.

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