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built in reading nook with white wooden wall, white wooden beams, white wooden floor, white blue striped rug, white wooden stool Roost

Built In Reading Nook With White Wooden Wall, White Wooden Beams, White Wooden Floor, White Blue Striped Rug, White Wooden Stool
Bedroom With White Bunk Bed, White Wooden Floor, White Wooden Cabinet Under Blue Cushion, Red Crab Accessory
Dining Area With Wooden Floor, Rattan Chairs Octagonal Table With Glass Top, Blue Glass Chandelier, White Half Wall Partition,
Living Room With White Wall, White Sofas, Blue Pillows, White Coffee Table, Brown Wooden Floor, White Wooden Vaulted Ceiling
Hallways With Wooden Floor, White Bench With Blue Cushion, White Wooden Partition With Shelves, Brown Console Table, Blue Framed Round Mirror, White Table Lamp
Outdoor Dining Area With Brown Floor, Turquoise Wooden Wall And Bench, Wooden Table And Chairs
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, White Corner Sofa, Rattan Coffee Table, White Rattan Foldable, White Wooden Wall, White Marble Fireplace, Plants With Rattan Vase
Living Room With Blue Striped Rug, Beige Sofa, Blue Pillows, Blue Rattan Chair, White Wooden Wall, Wooden Beams, Blue Coffee Table, Paintings
Terrace With Blue Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Blue Wooden Ceiling, Rattang Chairs With Round Glass Table
Living Rom With White Wall, Blue Wooden Floor, White Sofas, White And Blue Chairs, Wooden Table

A house should be comfortable. To make it comfortable, a house should meet the style of the owner. It can be elegant, rustic, eclectic, minimalist or anything else. Whichever it is, when it comes to vacation, most people will say yes to a beach house. And it is fine to bring a beach theme to your own house without the hassle of going to the beach itself. Here below are some of beach theme rooms that you can apply to your house.

Beach Hallway

Welcoming guests in a beach team might give them a cheerful and breezy welcome. If you want to do that, you can choose a combination of something white and blue. Rattan and wood material will look really enticing for the first impression of the beach themed house.


Big Bold Accessories

In the bedroom, it is easy to have white wall and furniture. All you have to do is adding some blue cushions or pillows to make the room really in feels like it’s a beach room. Or, you can put bold accessories regarding a beach or sea that will complete the look. In this picture, the red crab is doing it for the room.


Rattan Dining Set

Wooden floor is one great essential thing that makes your beach theme look achieved easily. To invite much more natural beach vibe, rattan dining set will help you big time. In this picture, it is also helped by the blue glass chandelier beautifully hung from the ceiling.


Comfortable Living Room

In order to create beach theme room, you would want to have white and blue furniture. In the living room, it can be in the sofa or the coffee table. Besides that, you can add paintings and accessories with sea theme like a boat or a globe used by the sailor. Wooden beams in the ceiling surely help in gaining the look of beach themed room.


Natural Plant Touch

Similar to the previous living room, this one also has white and blue colour themed room with a touch of beautiful rattan coffee table and white rattan foldable chair. Besides that, it also has a touch of natural plant in a small and big vase.


Beautifully Shone

When you think of a beach, you will remember the sand, the sea, the trees, and the sun. So, besides having your room in white and blue, you can also add the plants, and the sunshine. Having a big wide window to the side of your room will make beautiful sun shines through it.


Turquoise Lanai

If you have some area before your own garden, you can set a beautiful lanai where you can use as the extension of your living room. In a lanai, you can put wooden bench so that people will be able to hang out together. Or, you can also put wooden dining set that will let your friends and family enjoy delicious meal together.


Calming Blue Porch

It is easy to fill the porch with furniture. With chairs and table that will let people to talk comfortably together, your porch is perfect. And if you want the beach feeling, wooden floor, wall, and ceiling will bring the best feeling of beach themed porch. Or you can also use thin metal footed chairs with rattan woven to bring the beach out.


Reading Nook

As striped blue and white have been a symbol of navy and beach theme, using these two colours in striped will help you get the beach’s theme feeling in the room. This one in the picture has it in the pillows and rug.


Long Open Door

In this beautiful living room, the beach is not only outside of the room that can be accessed by opening the door but also by looking in the blue tinned wooden floor, white wall, white wooden beams in the ceiling, and blue and white striped chairs.

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