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bedroom, wooden floor, white wall, orange curtain, wooden bed platform, rattan chair, plants on the floor Instagram - Celeste Escarcega

Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Blue Wainscoting Wall, Wooden Side Cabinet, Blue Chair, White Headboard, Yellow Curtain
Bedroom, Bron Rug, Wooden Bench, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Curtain, Wooden Stool With Plants
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Lounge Chair, White Side Cabinet, White Table Lamp, White Headboard, Orange Corner
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, White Cabinet, Round Mirror, Black Floor Lamp, Rattan Cabinet, White Sofa
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Table With Golden Chair Wih Purple Cushion, White Chair With Golden Line, White Side Table, Purple Patterned Rug
Bedroom, White Floor, Patterned Rug, White Wall, Golden Framed Mirror, Blue Cabinet With Golden Accents, White Corner Chair
Bedroom, Concrete Floor, Dark Blue Accent Wall, White Wall, Hanging Plants, Side Table, Rattan Chair, Indented Shelves
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Orange Curtain, Wooden Bed Platform, Rattan Chair, Plants On The Floor
Bedroom, Wooden Cabinet, White Wall, Bed With Grey Headboard, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Floor, White Patterned Rug
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, Black Chair, Wooden Headboard, Small Side Tabl

Bedroom is always fun to decorate. It is quite therapeutic to do it as when you are in the bedroom, you will want to feel relaxed. When bed and cabinet is all some people care about in the bedroom, some other cares about all the details even the accessories in the corner. Whatever you put in the bedroom will affect the ambiance in your room. If you are looking for something that can make your room feel great, below are some inspirations you get from.

Natural Bohemian
This corner is decorated with something warm. The wooden cabinet is simply designed and bring the room a nice touch. It is matched with the wooden side table that allows you to have a place to store books, table lamp, or phone. The rattan pendants and plants in the corner supports the look perfectly well.

Natural Corner
Similar to the previous one, this corner puts plants and natural ambiance. The plants on the floor and the one hung from the ceiling bring fresh and natural vibe in the room. The white cabinet gives a nice contrast while the wooden round mirror and rattan cabinet makes the natural look even richer.

Reading Corner
If you love reading books, you would love to create a reading corner. This one here puts built-in shelves in the corner and comfortable rattan chairs with cushion and pillows in it. So near from the bed, if you are tired, you could just lie in your bed.

Pretty White Cabinet
If you want to create a pretty corner, you would love to put pretty accent. This one here puts pretty white corner that makes the ambiance of the room feels amazing. This is completed with rattan plant pot put above wooden stool.

Rustic Corner
When your bedroom is decorated in rustic theme, the corner can be decorated in rustic accent like this one. It is not only rustic but also a reading corner with comfortable leather chair and a stack of books.

Warm Blue
The blue bedroom has a really pretty and warm look with yellow curtain in the corner and blue leather chair that makes a nice sitting corner, especially with the window. The wooden side cabinet brings another warm ambiance.

Soft Blue Cabinet
This is another corner that uses blue ambiance. This blue cabinet with golden accent makes a really pretty and elegant vibe in the room. The gold accent matches the golden frame of the mirror and the patterned rug. The white corner chair makes a really nice subtle touch.

Elegant Corner
For those who love elegant touch, you would love to have golden lines as accent in the corner. This one here puts golden lined white chair and golden chairs for make up station. The simple and pretty make up station makes a really beautiful touch.

Natural and Simple
If you love something natural and simple, this corner with rattan chair and rattan plant pots makes a fresh and warm vibe at once.

Warm Dusk
This orange corner brings out pretty dusk look. The white furniture makes the corner has a nice contrast. The orange accent looks pronounced with the white companion.

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