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Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Grey Framed Ceiling, White Bed, Pink Curtain, White Rug
Bedroom, Wooden Froom, Blue Wall, Pink Floating Shelves, Pink Bed Platform, Blue Mini Modern Chairs, White Round Table,
Bedroom, Pink Ruf, Pink Awll, Rabbit Headboard, Chandelier, Bed
Bedroom, Pink Rug, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, White Bed Platform, Pink Bed, White Cloud On The Wall, Stars
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Roof Headboard, Rug, Bedside Cabinet
Bedroom, White Floor, Grey Wall, Yellow Wall, Off White Chandelier, Yellow Curtain, Window Nook, White Shelves, White Rug, White Side Table
Bedroom, Neutral Floor Tiles, Green Grass Rug, Built In Cupboard, White Chandelier, Green Curtain, Grey Cushion
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Bed, Wooden Roof, Large Windows Window
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Ceiling, Crystal Ceiling Lamp, Rug, White Wooden Window Nook, White Wooden Study Table, Wooden Built In Cupboard, Bed
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Pink Painting Wall, White Wainscot, Green Sofa, Pink Bed, Grey Rug, Balloon Pendants

Girls love playing with their imagination. While boys dreams about fast cars, girls tend to dream about castle and prince, although it does not always like this. However, this stereotype does not happen in one night. Years of viewing children got people to think this way. And if your girls also tend to believe in prince and castle, a dream bedroom for them would be the one with sweet and princess look, like these one below. If you’re looking for inspirations, you come to the right place.

Above the Cloud
This sweet bedroom is dedicated for children who love to let their heads up to the sky. The sweet purple-pink ambiance brings a nice feeling to it. And blue wall seems like the best sky color that will match the ambiance.

All the Toys
As children loves to role play, it will make them even happier to have everything they want in their own territory. This one here does not only put all the toys inside but also it decorates the bed on princess tent manner and brings some wall decoration too.

Soft Bedroom
If you want a rather long lasting bedroom for your girl, you will love this soft bedroom with neutral bed, white wooden study table, cupboard, and window nook. This room can easily be adjusted to more mature age.

Small Castle
Having large space as bedroom can be a really great privilege. However, it should lead to a beautiful room. This one here shows a beautiful room with fresh green accent on the partition, curtain, and bedding.

Sun Bright
If your girls love to have sun bright room, you might to try yellow color to decorate the room. Although, choosing the soft and warmer shade might help them to rest better than the bright one that tends to energize.

Soft Party
Bringing in something fun is like what you always do while decorating children’s bedroom. This one puts some party inside the room with the balloon on the ceiling and wall. However, all this is put in the soft and calm manner.

Simple Tent
Some children love to imagine that they have all the outdoor activities with so many animals in the forest. If so do your children, you can help the imagination with large glass windows to connect with the opened surrounding and put some kind of tent in the bedroom.

Outdoor Feeling
Similar to the previous one, this one also embraces the outdoor feeling with the roof headboard. To substitute the large glass window, the room is decorated with natural decorations like cloud wallpaper and strong wooden material.

Elegant Children Room
This one is another dreamy children bedroom that you will love to see. The neutral wooden floor work perfectly with the neutral wall and ceiling. The golden pendant above brings luxurious feeling to the bedroom.

Luxurious Rabbit
Similar to the previous one, this one also shows a luxurious room for children. Rabbit headboard is added to brings fun and childish touch.

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