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Hallway, White Wall, White Ceiling, Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Rugs, Wooden Bench, Wooden Chair, Wooden Console Table, Crystal Chandelier
Hallway, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Simple Black Metal Pendant, Tinted Glass
Hallway, Wooden Floor, Turquoise Wall, Black Metal Pendant
Hallway, Soft Blue Wall, Pink Carpet, Yellow Door
Hallway, White Marble Wall, Large Glass Window And Doors, Patterned Marble Floor, Chandelier, Golden Console Table, Golden Framed Mirror
Hallway, White Wall, White Ceiling, Crystal Globe Chandelier, Wooden Floor, Rug Pattern Rug
Hallway, Dark Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Pendants With Patterned Shadow
Hallway, White Wall, White Dome Ceiling, White Black Floor Tiles, Grey Bench, Leather Chairs, Crystal Chandelier
Hallway, White Wall, Patterned Dome Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Wooden Console Table
Hallway, White Built In Bokshelves, Dark Wooden Floor, White Long Rug, White Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Beams, Chandelier

Some houses will have hallway as the connection of each rooms it has. It is the “street” in the house that connects everything. And this street becomes its own space that needs to be decorated prettily so that every inch of the house will generate the same care and beautiful details. These below are some hallway inspirations you would love to see before you decorate yours.

Red Carpet
A long hallway can be dramatic and dark. However, with glass windows on the wall, it would create a romantic look instead. The light from the windows would light the way and make a pretty sight. This one here adds a pretty crystal globe pendants on he ceiling that will obviously be a pretty sight at night.

Traditionally Warm
If you love the classic warm look, you would love traditional wooden look. This one here shows a minimalist setting with white wall, dark wooden floor, and wooden chair, bench, as well as table. This warmth is completed by crystal chandelier.

Dome Ceiling
This one is another simple and traditional hallway. The interesting part of this one is the patterned dome ceiling above. This has added elegance to the sight.

Cross Dome
Similar to the previous one, this one also has a really interesting dome ceiling that makes the whole sight dramatic. It is also strengthened with the glass doors and windows along the wall. The golden console tables and mirrors let the hallways even prettier.

In the Middle
This hallway is located in the middle of the rooms and it does not have windows on the side wall. However, the decorated dome ceiling and glossy floor tiles brightens the hallway in beautiful and elegant way possible.

Modern with Pop
This dark and modern hallway looks clean and tidy with golden chandelier decorate its ceiling. The pink long carpet and yellow door add an interesting note to the hallway.

Book Hallway
If you are a bookworm and you feel comfortable to look at your book collections, putting them up in the hallway is a great idea. It makes the hallway feels homey and you make your house support your geeky side.

Light Pattern
This hallway may look so simple in the daylight. It consists of dark wooden floor and white wall. However, at nights, when the pendants are on, this hallway is a beauty.

Narrow Path
If your hallway is narrow and without any windows on the side, the safest thing to choose is probably painting the wall in white. This will make the hallway to look brighter, like this one below. A simple pendant and wooden floor assists the simplicity perfectly well.

Blue Sea
If you want to turn something narrow into something with color but without runing the brightness of the space, fresh color like this blue one can help you gain the fresh look without making the room feel cramped.

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