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bathroom, white marble floor tiles, white tub, clear glass partition, white chandelier, clear glass roof, white cabinet and vanity table with white golden chair Instagram - Velvet Musings | Vera

Bathroom, Beige Large Floor Tiles, Beige Wall Tiles, White Toilet, White Slim Standing Sink, Stone Tub, Mirror Hexagon Mosaic Tiles, Built In Sheles
Bathroom, White Marble Floor Tiles, White Tub, Clear Glass Partition, White Chandelier, Clear Glass Roof, White Cabinet And Vanity Table With White Golden Chair
Bathroom, Basket Weave Floor Tiles, Light Grey Wooden Cabinet, Light Grey Wall, Mirror, White Wall Tiles, White Tub With Legs, Fringes Pendants, Sconces, Marble Vanity Top
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Marble Wall Tiles, White Tub With Crook, Towel Holder, White Sconces, Windows
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, Wall, Wub, Blue Flickering Tiles On The Wall, Blue Floating Vanity With White Top, White Tube Toilet, White Sconce, White Tissue Holder
Bathroom, Blue Pattern Floor Tiles, Blue Flower Wallpaper, White Wainscoting, White Tub, Blue Grey Cabinet, White Sink, White Wall Tiles, White Curtain, Chandelier, White Toilet
Bathroom, Chevron Floor Tiles, Grey Ryg, White Tub, White Wooden Cabinet With Mirror Door, White Vanity Sink, White Chandelier, Blue Wall, Roman Shade, Beige Chair
Bathroom, White Marble Floor Tiles, Arabesque Tiles Partition, White Tub, Brown Stone Floor On Shower, Brown Wall, Chandelier
Bathroom, Grey White Squarel Floor Tiles, White Wall, Reflecting Tub, Vanity, Curved Arch
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Planks On The Wall, Thin Chandelier, White Pendant, Light Grey Cabinet With Marble Top, Grey Tub With White Inside, White Curtain

Bathroom sometimes has been taken for granted in decorating it as some people see it only as a place where you cleanse the dirt and that’s all. However, on the contrary, it is important to make a comfortable bathroom where you can have a great time soaking your body with soap, having a relaxing time on your own. And that’s why these ten stunningly beautiful bathrooms that offer luxury to spoil anyone inside.

Farmhouse Vibe
Luxury feeling can come in many looks. In farmhouse bathroom, it is seen perfectly in this picture below. With the warm wooden floor and wall, the farmhouse vibe is strengthened, as well as on the curtain and wooden cabinet. The thin and slim chandelier gives a final touch on the luxury look of the bathroom.

White Marble
Marble has always been a stunningly beautiful natural material that an decorate the room while being used in practical purpose. Seen in this gorgeous bathroom, white marble is used both in the wall and on the floor that it casts a luxurious look. Combined with sleek tub with legs, this bathroom displays a luxurious vibe without being too much.

Shiny Tub
A beautiful architectural shape like arch can be an opportunity that you don’t want to miss not using. Seen in this one below, the arch has given the most luxurious antique look to the bathroom that is balanced by shiny tub.

Long Grace
One of the best items that can give strong impression to a bathroom about its luxury is the lighting fixtures. Seen in this long pretty bathroom, the long fringes pendants casts luminous light with some playful shadow to the ceiling.

Blue Ripples
Of course white marble on the entire wall can give the luxury and also natural warmth. However, added with blue ripple tiles on the wall, the bathroom looks even fresher. With statement wall like this, any bathroom has had the strong impression.

Mirroring Mosaic
Similar to the previous one, this one here also offers glints on the wall. Mirror hexagon mosaic tiles like these will give romantic flickering lights to the bathroom. All those tiles are balanced with the calm and sated look from the stone tiles on the floor, wall, and tub. Matching with the modernity of the mosaic tiles, though, are white toilet and tall standing sink.

Arabesque Tiles
Interesting shaped tiles are the apple of your eye when it is used gorgeously, like this one here. Using arabesque mirror tiles beautifully tall as partition in this bathroom, the bathroom has a unique charm.

Classy with Blue Hint
Although white is still the most favorite color to create luxurious bathroom, combining it with pastel color like blue can make it sweeter. With soft blue painted walls like this one here, the bathroom looks pretty and sweet. Combined with the classic chandelier and roman shade on the window, it is even prettier.

Blue Flower
Similar to the previous one, this one here also shows how beautiful blue can be combined with white. The blue flower floor tiles and wallpaper are pretty sights that match with the lines on the wall in tub.

Clear Glass Roof
An open vibe can be really luxurious when it is done tastefully like this one below. Under the clear glass roof, the white chandelier and marble have made the room looks glamorous.

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