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pink wooden windows shutters, white wall, metal geometrical pendant, black wooden table, black metal shair with wooden seat House Beautiful

Brown Wooden Half Window Shutters, White Wall, White Study Table, Green Feet, Green Metal Chair, Wooden Pendant
Yellow Lime Window Shutters, White Wall, White Floating Cabinet, White Bottom Cabinet, Yellow Stools, Black Counter Top
Pink Wooden Window Shutters, White Wall, White Wooden Floor, White Wooden Accent Wall, Large Bed, Golden Side Table With White Table Lamp
Green Wooden Window Shutters, Green Wallpaper With Flower Pattern, White Marble Floor, White Sofa, Round Glass C
Bold Orange Window Shutter, White Pendant, White Round Dining Table, White Chairs, White Wooden Floor, White Patterned Rug
Pink Wooden Windows Shutters, White Wall, Metal Geometrical Pendant, Black Wooden Table, Black Metal Shair With Wooden Seat
Blue Green Window Shutters, Grey Wall, Wooden Floor, Blue Sofa, Round Coffee Table
Blue Window Shutters, White Wall, White Wooden Floor, White Dining Table, White Modern Chairs
Lime Yellow Window Shutters, White Wall, Green White Brown Wood Chair, Black Low Side Table, Green Table Lamp
Brown Wooden Window Shutters, White Wall, White Chairs, White Wooden Floor, Wooden Sofa With Patterned Cushion, White Dining Table, Wooden Dining Chairs

Having nice windows can change so much in a room. It lightens the room with bright light and it can also decorate the room with its pretty details. Although glass windows can be really great with amazing brightness, window shutters can offer the same brilliant look with fresh, traditional, dramatic light effect it brings. If you want to see how incredible it can serve you, these below are some inspirations you can fall in love with.

Simple Brown
Traditional looking window shutters can easily be put in any room. The natural and simple look it serves are the reason why it can match any room effortlessly. Opened by easily slide to the side rather than open to the outside, this one below does not need curtain anymore.

Sweet Shutters
If looking sweet and romantic is what you want then adding pink window shutter is what you can do. The pink shade will add a decorative touche to the wall and when it is opened, you can enjoy the bright light basking the room.

Fresh Window
Adding a bold color that brings freshness to the room like green will definitely makes the room more alive. With light come through the wooden lattice, the green window shutters look even more cheerful.

Sea Look
Similar to the previous one, this one here puts a fresh look and creates a beautiful and dramatic light effect from the lattice. The blue and green shutters make the light effect has different shade as well. Completed with blue sofa, the room looks like the depth of the sea.

Summer Orange
If you love to add some bold note to the room to spice it up, you would love hoe fiery and bold orange can be. For the white dining room, this bold orange window shutters send a cheerful summer color.

Lime Yellow
Yellow is always a great color to add fun and cheerfulness. In this white kitchen, lime yellow touch looks so fresh and amazing. With a pair of yellow stools, the soft white kitchen looks light.

Half Shutter
While the previous ones show a nice and tall window shutters, this one here settles with half shutter. And this one is perfect for you who love the lights and only need to control the strength of the light. For a study area, it is a perfect option.

Tall Lime
Adding window shutter with lattice is perfect for a place where you need light, like a reading spot. The window lattice like this one will accommodate your need of light in reading.

Blush Dining Room
With pink window shutters, a sweet blush of light comes to the room. This one here uses this sweet touch to the modern and minimalist dining table. With metal geometrical pendant and geometric pattern on the floor, the room has pretty details you want to enjoy little by little.

Blue Light
Just like the other, the colored window shutters will give a beautiful shade similar to the shutters. This one brings in a beautiful blue shade to the white dining room and make a fresh look.

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