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built in canopy on white elegant bed with the ceiling with sheer material Homedit

Shite Bed With White High Ehadboar, Silver Aluminum Canopy Posts, White Lace Canopy
Wooden Canopy Platform Bed With White Bed, Beige Canopy
Grey Elegant Bed With High White Canopy With Cover On The Ceiling, White Ottoman
White Bed With Canopy On Rolling Rail Black Metal, Wall Lamp For Sleeping
Built In Canopy On White Elegant Bed With The Ceiling With Sheer Material
Pink Bed With Wooden Bedstead With Canopy Posts, Fairy Lights As Canopy
White Bed With Metal Support, Thin Metal Lines For Canopy And White See Through Material
Bohemian Bed With Colorful Linen, White Canopy On Rop
Brown Bed On Wooden Platform With Canopy Posts
White Bed With Rope For Bed Canopy, White Seer Material

There are many things you can do to your bedroom to make it comfortable and inviting to rest. When you decorating a bedroom, you would want to make sure anything you do is to make your rest enjoyable and has quality. That’s why your furniture needs to help you get the comfortable rest. Besides bed, nightstand, and lamp, you can always add some decoration like canopy. It helps you get the relax ambiance and it’s pretty too. For you who live in humid country and you’re familiar with mosquitoes, this will help you dispel them. Let’s see how canopy can work in your bed.


Black Rail

One of the things you should think about when you decide on canopy is the posts and rail you will hung your canopy in. If you love to be practical this rail will offer you that. With rail, you will be able to slide the canopy easily.


Thin LineĀ 

Almost similar to the previous one, this one also offer a thin line of the canopy post. Yet, while the other has rail, this one relies on the clothe itself to hang perfectly. The white see trough material of the canopy gives a relaxing feeling to the bed.


All White

For you who try to get all white color, silver canopy posts might help you get what you need. With this silver aluminum canopy posts, you will get the lightest metal color. So it won’t ruin your concept. And, as this one is not so thin, it will give your bed a strong statement.


To the Ceiling

The interesting thing about this one below is that in this one, the canopy is hung on rope and it gives a soft lines to the bedroom. It’s not only that. The canopy is also hung to the entire bed that the bed has its own ceiling. This creates a really romantic notion.


Bohemian Canopy

For those who love bohemian look, fringe on the canopy can boost the bohemian notion on it. And, don’t forget to hang the canopy on the rope so that natural look is even stronger.


Canopy Platform

This picture below has a really sweet and impressive idea. Instead of adding posts to your bed, this one here built the posts on the bed platform so that it’s all in one package. The canopy itself is only hung in a certain side.


Ethnic Ambiance

Similar to the previous one, this one here has canopy that built in directly from the bed platform. However, instead of just a little canopy, this one has two parts of canopy on four side of the bed. This makes the bed looks like it has ethnic touch.


Minimalist Glow

In this one, the canopy is not even seen. Well, the canopy is the fairy lights. You can leave the canopy and have the posts only to create minimalist look. But with fairy lights like this, you will get minimalist look and glowing lights too.


Cover the Rail

For you who really want to close the drape when you sleep, you might like this one because of its material option that will not give sheer. Also, the canopy rail is well hidden by cover. So, this is for you who love exact cover.


Built on the Ceiling

While the previous ones have canopy built on the platform, this one is built directly from the ceiling. And it’s beautifully made too with the material seen on the ceiling, accent frame, and beautiful sheer material. This way, you’re also unable to see the rail.

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