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rustic modern dark brown wooden platform bed with reclaimed wood headboard Houzz

Modern Dark Grey Platform Bed With Tufted Headboard, Storage Under The Bed
Rustic Brown American Wooden Bed Made In Spindle Style
Baroque Rustic Old Brown Metal Frame Bed With Ornate Head And Foot Board
Rustic Brown Wooden Platform Bed With Pine Headboard
Modern Cream Colored Upholstered Bed With Diamond Shaped Button Tufting On Theheadboard
Elegant Modern Gray Platform Bed With Tufted Headboard
Modern White Cypress Wood With Honeycomb Motive In Headboard
Rustic Modern Dark Brown Wooden Platform Bed With Reclaimed Wood Headboard
Rustic Modern Hazelnut Colored Platform Bed With Sleek Headboard
Baroque Hue Gold Metal Bed Frame With Florid And Ornate Headboard Footboard Sturdy Legs

There are lots of bed frame that you can find in the market. There are platform frame, metal frame, sleigh frame etc.. Here, you will see how these various frames can come into beautiful use in your bedroom.

Baroque Metal Bed

This queen size bed frame is made from metal with beautiful ornate in each side, the high headboard, the low foot board, and the graceful side. The feet are thick and sturdy. With its finish that looks gleaming gold, it looks perfect in a bedroom that enunciates grandeur.

Elegant Metal Frame

This one is another Baroque metal frame that you’ll probably like. The ornate is beautiful and the finish of rustic old brown makes it more irresistible.

Honeycomb Headboard

This white wooden bed might be perfect for you who look for a light and crisp looking bed frame. With honeycomb motive on the headboard and the creamy white color makes it looks simple yet endearing.

Reclaimed Wooden Bed Frame

This one looks really unique with the high headboard made of reclaimed pines. The surface will feel smooth and rough as you slide your hand on the head board and touch different color stripped in the headboard.

Rustic Platform Bed

This bed frame is one of the beautiful frames out there. With its design, you almost don’t need nightstand to put your books or phone. And the warm color of it makes you want to go to your bed right away. The high headboard and sturdy material make is a safe haven.

Pretty Upholstered Bed Frame

This one is a really beautiful bed frame with its cream colored upholster. The headboard is button tufted in the shade of diamond. It looks calming for your bedroom.

Sturdy Platform Bed

This one gives you the idea of strong sturdy frame that will hold quite long longevity. Hazelnut finish it has makes it looks even sturdier. It will give a perfect finish for your bedroom.

High Tufted Headboard

This is another strong and sturdy candidate. However with its touch of upholster, it looks softer elegant. The headboard is high and tufted that brings out glamour accent.

Bed Frame with Storage

For you who like to have more storage to keep your stuffs, you will like this one. There are drawers on each side and the foot board. With its gray tufted upholster with nail head trim, this frame looks stylish.

Natural Wooden Frame

This one looks like you come to sleep in the breezy, beautiful nature. The rustic style frame will complete the looks on the rustic theme home.

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