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Wooden Bed Platform, Drawers Under The Bed, White Wall, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Cabinet
Bed Platform, Wooden Material, Shelves On The Side And Feet At The Bed, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Curtain
Bed Platform With Shelves, Wooden Material, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Shelves,
Bed Platform, Metal Legs, Shelves, Brown Rug, Cream Wall, Wooden Stools
Bed Platform, Wooden Material, Side Table, Drawers, White Floor,
Bed Platform, Wooden Material, Shelves, Drawers, Side Shelves, White Bedding, White Table Lamp
Bed Platform, Wooden Material, Black Floor, Grey Wood, Cream Rug, White Bedding
Bed Platform, Wooden Material, Shelves, Storage With Rattan Basket, Seamless Floor, White Rug, Metal Shelves
Bed Platform, Wooden Material, Shelves, Drawers, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug
Bed Platform With Shelves, Additional Shelves On The Side, Grey Bedding, Wooden Material, Grey Seamless, Grey Rug

There is never be too much storage. When you have storage, you would feel glad. There is always a need of storage because you will want to have everything tidy and clean, especially from things you don’t always need, like bed cover or all those kinds of blanket and bedding. One of the best solutions to it is adding storage to the bed platform. With it, you can hide everything under the bed. If you long for a bedroom with less furniture, storage under the bed can save you some cabinet too and you will be glad to have all the space saved.

Additional Shelves
In this stunning and beautiful bedroom the furniture, the room is decorated with wooden material furniture. The bed platform is beautiful with additional shelves at he foot of the bed. Although the room is with wooden shelves, the additional shelves is practical for more categories.

One Compact Platform
In this interesting platform, the bed does not only put additional storage under the bed but it also adds side table with drawers. It is so practical in one furniture. The floating bed platform also allows you to add basket on your own, or to keep anything else like ottoman or books.

More Shelves
This one compact bed platform is heavenly for bookworms. The additional shelves are not on only at the foot of the bed but also at the side of the table. With shelves beside the bed, any one who love to read would find their treasure in the reach of the hand.

Rattan Basket
An interesting design is seen in this bedroom. The bed platform is completed with shelves and storage with rattan basket that makes the bed platform itself looks warm.

Shelves on the Side
While the previous one puts the additional shelves at the foot of the bed, this one here puts shelves on the side of the bed and make it a nice complementary of the side table. With this, you can store your book on the bed instead.

Smooth Finish
This incredible bed platform looks so smooth with clean lines. The shelves and drawers are really practical. It is perfect for a bedroom with modern look, or minimalist look.

Fresh Minimalist
This bedroom brings out fresh and minimalist ambiance. The fresh vibe is brought up by the amazing windows while the minimalist look is brought up by the black floor, white rug, and the minimalist bed platform that offers great storage.

Strong and Simple
Just like the other ones, this one also puts additional storage. This one adds shelves at the foot and side of the bed while also offers drawers on the side of the bed. This additional storage is great without making the room look crowded.

All Shelves
This one here offers interesting setting with shelves both at the feet of the bed and under the bed. This setting also offers additional space that can be used as table when you feel to bring your work to bed.

Storage and Floating Table
In this bed platform, the additional storage is used at maximum with three drawers under the bed. Furthermore, it adds floating side tables along with the headboard.

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