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Choosing a bedding set for your child is not so difficult. It depends on your child. If your child is a boy, he may want a rock and simple bedding set. If your child is a girl, she may want a pink chic beautiful bedding set. There are so many choices you can take whether the bedding set has a luxurious or simple look. You are able to match the bedding set with your budget. Which one of the designs is able to attract your children and make them comfortable is the main point here. You do not need to worry to change your child’s bedding set style until they are mature enough and may have their own apartment. Here shown some bedding set for teens ideas you may want to give to your child.

Funky Bunk Bed Girl Bedroom

If you have two girls, you can set this pop pink bunk bed. It can save the space in your children room. Do not forget to apply flower pattern wallpaper to make their room more lovely.

Luxurious Girls Room

This bedding set is really suitable for your girl who is like your princess. It gives a little princess like environment. The big white bed with its headboard make it magnificent.

Queen Size Corner Bed

You can set a queen-sized bed in the corner of your child room although the room is large. It will be a great place to be a lounge and a place she can hang out with her teen friends. The antique chair makes this room more mature.

Mint Lavender Bedding Set

Bedding set for teen does not only apply pink color. If she likes purple, it is a good choice. You can add some open storage that will make this room neat and classic.

Patterned Stuffs

The colorful patterned pillow and blanket in the bedding set for teens can make them have a creative mind. She can grow in this room that has a youthful palate.

Cool Jersey Bedroom

This boy bedding set is a cool idea. The blue and white linear in the bedding set design can make a creative look in this minimalist bedroom. You can add some framed jersey to decorate his room.

Funky Bedding Set for Boys

The coloring idea is great. You can combine black, red, and white in one place the motorcycle pattern in his blanket shows his liking.

Dashing Bedding Set for Boys

You can set a combined color tone for his bedding set. Add a unique and small storage beside the bed to decorate it. The right choice of wallpaper also takes part in this bedroom idea.

funky bedding set for boys creative blue bed set mini box storage unique wall large screened window mini clock

Pure Colour Design

Fancy Green Pink Bedroom

You may add window storage bench into your girl’s room if it is large enough. The combination of green and pink colors in this bedding set is so refreshing and calm.

Fabulous Bedding Set Idea for Girls

It single bed with a green headboard can be a key appearance in this bedroom. There is also a cozy window seat where she can enjoy the time with her friend.

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