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White Wooden Cabinet With Round Handler, White Floor, Mirrors, White Wall
Black Floating Cabinet, Wooden Top, White Wall, Wooden Floor
Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Chair With Black Leather Cushion
Grey Cabinet, Wooden Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Floor
White Floating Cabinet, White Wall, Round Mirror, Bed
White Cabinet Vertical And Horizontal, White Wall, White Floor
Grey Cabinet With Lines, White Wall, Brown Floor, Table Lamp
White Cabinet, Wooden Shelves, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Chair
Dark Blue Ivar Cabinet Stacked, Wooden Floor, White Wall
White Cabinet With Drawers And Shelves, Wooden Floor, White Walll, Painting

Bedroom is a place to rest. It is also a place where you want to store all personal things. You would want your clothes or jewelry not too far away from you at night. And for this, you would want to have cabinet in the bedroom. You would want to have the best option, both pretty and functional. Here below are ten beautiful cabinets that would be perfect for your bedroom.

White Traditional Cabinet
If you love to add something simple in your bedroom, you would love white traditional cabinet like this one. The simple and traditional look on it would be perfect for any style and it will be easy in the eye also.

Simply Floating
Even if you have your own walking closet, you would still want to have cabinet in the bedroom because it would help you store small things and keep your bedroom tidy. Here below is a compact floating cabinet that would be perfect for a minimalist, modern and small bedroom.

Stacked Ivar
Ikea’s Ivar is one of the most famous cabinet in the whole world. The simplicity of it allows you to improvise in so many ways. This one here is stacked vertically. It will let you have a large storage but nothing too wide.

Lined Accents
This one here is similarly simple. However, this simple cabinet is decorated with lines and makes it a subtle and simple accents but not necessarily leaves the cabinet bare.

Cabinet and Shelves
Storage can be in any shape. It can be closed or open like in shelves. This one here combines the two cabinet and shelves and make a simple yet great cabinet that offers you both closed and opened storage.

Rustic Cabinet
This cabinet looks amazing with natural wooden look. The natural pattern gives this cabinet a nice finish while the leather handler strengthens the rustic details while still going on minimalist.

L-shaped Cabinet
An interesting look is seen in this below. This simple L-shaped cabinet allows you not only to have cabinet but also space like table. This one goes further with rod on the wall. The white pendant makes this set looks complete.

Green on Wood
This smooth green cabinet looks supreme despite its simple look. Positioned among strong natural wooden look with all the pattern and texture, this smooth cabinet looks so pronounced.

Smooth White
With similar smooth look, this white cabinet looks amazing too. This one here is set in white on white space that allows the cabinet to look subtle and even more minimalist. The small wooden combination looks so pretty here.

Black Floating Cabinet
Just like the other, this one offers simplicity in its design. As simple as it can be, this one puts handler without literally giving handler in this one. And this has made it smooth in its own way. Set in floating setting, has made this cabinet looks even simpler and minimalist.

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