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cupboard with white blue yellow color, lego style in bedroom with wooden floor, yellow chair, blue rug, low small stool ArchDaily

Built In Cupboard With Lines Carved, Shelves In The Middle, Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Built In Wooden Bench, Rug, Ottoman, Window, Built In Study Table
Built In Cupboard With Tall Door Decorated With Triangle Pattern, Shelves Under, Open Shelves On The Side
Bedroom With Chevron Wooden Pattern, Wooden Stairs, Wooden Splat On The Stair, Wooden Cupboard With White Door And Wooden Shelves On Both Side With Drawers, White Round Rug
Shelves With Sliding Door, Yellow Door Cupboard, Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Rug
Cupboard With White Blue Yellow Color, Lego Style In Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Yellow Chair, Blue Rug, Low Small Stool
Wooden Built In Cupboard With Button Handle, Shelves And Drawers, Wooden Floor, Beige Wall, Rattan Absket, Rug
Wooden Sleek Tall Cupboard With Zigzag Shelves On The Side, Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Panel For Bed, Sloping Ceiling, Grey Wall
Built In Cupboard With Long And Tall Doors In White, Green, Grey, Shelves Under
Tall Cupboard With White, Yellows, Green Colors, Brown Flooring, Grey Rug, Beds, Rope Stairs, Ottoman
Built In Cupboard With Green Sliding Door, Yellow Frame, Drawers And Shelves Inside

Although sometimes cupboards are put in a separate room from the bedroom, sometimes it is in the bedroom, especially when the space in a house is limited and cupboards in bedroom is the only way you can manage to store your clothes. Thus, to make your room always feel interesting and aesthetic, it is important to have the pretty ones, instead of settle to those that don’t match your style. Here are ten pretty cupboards for you who love modern look in your bedroom mostly.

Lego House
If you want to make unusual home for your clothes and things, this Lego house is one of the best options you can have. It is not too much as Lego style on the cupboards surface is pretty subtle. With neutral color palette, this one here brings subtlety and modern vibe to the room without forgetting the fun.

Maximized Space
One of the thing to make the cupboard feels more committed to the room is by building built-in cupboard that will make larger effect as it feels just like another wall. To make it even more space saving, sliding door is the best options to go. Like this one here, the cupboard is built-in and with sliding doors. Inside, there are shelves and drawers and hanger that everything is handled inside.

Shelves Added
Similar to the previous one, this one too is a pretty built-in cupboard that blended to the wall perfectly with its grey body that match grey nuance wall. The tall door gives the lean and sleek line that will go perfectly well with modern room, especially with this neutral colors. The shelves added under gives more room for things that are not to be mixed with fresh clean clothes.

More Shelves
Completing everything you need in a room with built-in cupboard is really essential that you don’t have to look for more furniture. Seen in this one below is a built-in cupboard with closed shelves under that are easily filled with rattan boxes in case you need drawers. Furthermore, it is also equipped with open shelves on the side that offer you the bookshelves in itself.

Endearing Picture
While adults might want cupboard with plain surface so that it will always feel calm, for kids’ room, though, a little bit of fun is sometimes required. And this one below has shown a pretty and fun cupboard that blend natural material and fun modern drawing perfectly on the door.

Tall and Closed
Similar to the previous one with tall and built-in cupboard, this one here also brings tall and lean lines of a cupboard. However, all the storage places are kept closely inside the cupboard.

Shelves in the Middle
Another thing to do to make an interesting cupboard is by choosing the one that has unique traits, like this one here. With shelves quite in the middle, this cupboard brings a unique look to the room.

Strong Characters
Of course, having a strong look in a cupboard can leave stronger impression. Seen in the picture below is a yellow cupboard built in together with shelves with sliding door. The interesting thing is that the shelves is not covered thoroughly. And that is one of the things that makes it interesting.

Sleek Modern
If you love modern style so much, this cupboard can be the greatest addition to your room. Built in the wall, it is also combined with sloping ceiling panel with zigzag shelves and bed panel. Its smooth wooden surface gives natural and minimalist look.

Button Handle
As interesting as the Lego cupboard, this one gives unique touch on the handle with colorful button look. Adding built-in shelves and drawers under the cupboard, this one offers complete service to storage.

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