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chandelier, golden lines, white details on the tip Horchow

White Pendant With Angled Half Cut In The Middle With Golden Accents And Rod
Brown Cover Table Lamp With Metal Body
Brown Floor Lamp With Trpod Legs
White Fringe Chandelier
Glass Sconce With Golden Lines
White Flower Sconce
White Bulubs In Golden Line On Floor Lamp
Farmhouse Chandelier, Golden Iron, Fake Candle Lamps
Chandelier, Golden Lines, White Details On The Tip
Golden Geometrical Lined Framed Pendant

Lighting is always an important aspect of the room. These days, nobody likes to be in the dark. It restricts their activities. However, lamp or lighting does not always have to be mundane. As there are many kinds of lighting fixtures, there are many options that you can choose to decorate your bedroom. Here below are just some little options from so much more options you can actually looking for. But, this is a pretty compilation you can start on, if you’re in search for one for your bedroom.

Golden Farmhouse
From many of the kinds of lamp that can be chosen for your bedroom, chandelier is one of it. This one here goes with traditional chandelier that looks elegant with golden accent but more modern lamp that looks like candles.

Bulbs in Line
Another kind of lamp that would help you brightens the room is the floor lamp. However, this one here does not look like a regular floor lamp. With the white bulbs along the golden rod, it gives an interesting yet pretty detail to the room.

Modern Cut
This pendant brings in modern, simple, as well as elegance look in one pendant. Having this pendant in the room would make the bedroom looks simple yet elegance in the subtlest way.

Clear Sconce
Another kind of lamps that is usually used in the room is sconces. It can look incredible even in the small size, as seen in this one. The clear geometrical glass sconce, it gives details in light and subtle way. The golden lines brings a little elegant in this small piece.

Flowery Sconce
This one is another sconce. Unlike the previous one, it has no line and is stuck on the wall from the body of the sconce itself. The flower petal details make the sconce looks so pretty and give the wall an interesting pattern.

Geometrical Line
If you love beautiful look as well as shadow, you would love this one here. The golden lines would look pretty when it is turned off but when it is turned on, it would give an interesting shadow to the room.

Snow Chandelier
Putting a pretty chandelier would make any room beautiful. This one here would make the bedroom looks elegance and grand. The golden lines bring out grace while the white tip gives a dramatic finish to the chandelier itself.

Bohemian Touch
If you love bohemian look, you would love the fringe chandelier. It gives off the best bohemian feeling and it also looks interesting.

Tripod Legs
This floor lamp makes a thin yet traditional look in the room that matches the pink stool with the lined legs. It is a perfect look for a modern and traditional bedroom because it is simple and light.

Warm Table Lamp
Another lamp that is commonly used in the bedroom is the table lamp, especially when you love to read on bed. This one here brings out warm and elegant touches at the same time.

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