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bedroom with wooden floor, pink rug, pink duvet on bed, pink curtain, white night stand, mirror on the wall Shop Spring

Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Pink Rug, Bed Without Platform, Pink Cotton Bedding, Pictures On White Wall
Bedroom With Grey Floor, Grey Rug, Pink Bedding, Pink Pillows, White Bedding, Marble Wall, Whiteheadboard Bed
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Rug, Metal Bed Platform With White Bedding, Pattern Pillows, Flowers, Windows, Curtains, Orange Blanket
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Pink Rug, White Curtain, Windows, Flowers, Plants, Paintings
Bedroom With White Rug, Purple Bed, Purple Patterned Wall, Purple Pillows, Wall Decoration. Purple Curtain, Clear Glass Side Table
Bedroom With White Round Night Stand, Golden Table Lamp, White Wooden Walls, White Bedding, Yellow Blanket, Yellow, Pink, White Pillows, Pink Headboard Bed
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Pink Rug, Pink Duvet On Bed, Pink Curtain, White Night Stand, Mirror On The Wall
Woman Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Pink Bedding, Purple Comforter, Yellow, Red Pillows, Pendant, Standing Mirror
Pink Bedding On Pink Platform With Pink Fluffy Velvet Headboard And Foorboard Bed, Rug, Wooden Floor, Pink Curtain
White Grey Bedding With Pink Woven Blanket On Wooden Platform

Woman and men bedroom can be different especially in color. While men is commonly considered to have neutral or darker color scheme, women usually love a sweet touch of soft colors especially pink. If you want to create a woman bedroom look, you might want to see some ideas to get some inspirations. Here below are the ideas that you’re looking for.


Pink Comforter

As pink is regarded as a woman’s color for its sweet and feminine, it is not surprising to have pink in a woman bedroom. In this bedroom here, the comforter looks so plushy with pink colors. Not only that, the bed is on a rug with soft color that creates warmth and feminine feeling in it.


Soft Colors

Apart from pink, other soft colors are a great options for feminine bedroom. Purple is one of the best choice to pick. Combined with warm mustard and red, this room is both playful and warm. The pretty pendant helps the room to look prettier.



Pink Accessories

Apart from the comforter and bedding, accessories hold an important role in a woman bedroom. A hand made woven blanket in pink will add a serious feminine touch even though the bedding is in white or grey.


Beautiful in Pink

If one pink accessories can make a room has feminine feeling, then a room full of pink things will automatically make the room a girl’s room. This one here has pink rug, pink duvet, and curtain. Not to mention the pink faux fur that strengthen the soft feeling.


Bohemian Woman

For those who love boho style and yet want to combine it with woman energy, then pink bedding with boho details is the kind of bedding that will complete the bedroom. Even if the room is in white and black or grey, with pink bedding, the ambiance of the room will change totally.


Mustard and Pink

Combining colors are a common practice to make the room less sweet but still have feminine side. This one here combine a really light pink colors of the headboard and pillow with mustard on the blanket and pillows. Not only that, the golden table lamp looks like a part of this yellow pink scheme.


Pink Velvety Support

While the previous one has pink on the bedding only, this one here is on the bed platform itself. Designed sweetly, the headboard and foot board have pink velvety surface that looks like an inside of a clam. Kinda remind you of a mermaid story back in the childhood, huh?


Pink Copper Platform

This one is another feminine platform you will love to have in the bedroom. Without being too feminine, this one here offers strong support from pink copper platform that will look perfect with your pink duvet.


Purple Notion

Besides pink, purple also has been noted easily as a feminine color especially when it’s soft and light colored. This one here put soft and light purple color in almost everything. Although, to give a strong accent, the pillows, wall paper, and curtain are in strong purple color that still look feminine because of the design.


Neutral Woman’s Bedroom

For those who love neutral notion but crave for something that can identify the room, a neutral colored room can look feminine too with a feminine touch like feminine patterned pillows or some sweet flowers. Blanket or pashmina with a really soft material will also make a room look sweet.

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