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grey table with large golden framed mirror, golden thin chair with white faux fur Domino

White Wooden Table With White Faux Fur Cushioned Chair, White Lamp, Golden Round Mirror
White Table With Shelves On Right And Left, Mirror With Lamp Around, White Cushioned Chair
White Wooden Floating Shelves With White Rattan Boxes, Round Frameless Mirror, Lamp, White Chair With Faux Sheep Skin
Grey Table With Large Golden Framed Mirror, Golden Thin Chair With White Faux Fur
White Wooden Table, Golden Chair With Pink Cushion, Wooden Shelves On Top Of Golden Framed Mirror, White Shelves On The Back
White Table And Drawer With White Marble Top, Square Mirror And Small Round Mirror On The Table, Larger Rectangular Mirror On The Back, White Cushioined Stool
White Wooden Shelves For Vanity, Black Boxes For Cosmetics, Black Framed Mirror, Lamp, Black Chair
Floating Drawers With Shelves On Top, Large Square Mirror, White Stool, White Rug
Light Green Colored Wooden Table With Drawer, Golden Framed Hexagonal Mirror
White Table, White Shelves On Right And Left, Mirror With Lamp, Pictures, Clear Midcentury Chair With White Faux Fur

For women, having their own space to put some make up is like having a study room. As there are so many beauty skin cares and make-ups, having a vanity is like a luxury all women will feel grateful for, especially those who like to take care their look. And if you are one of those people, you might like to see how you can create your own space.


Floating Shelves

While floating shelves can be a great place to keep your books tidily, it can also serve you as a table for a mini make up counter. With little boxes, you will be able to secure your cosmetics. Then, you only need a mirror to assist you.


More Shelves

Similar to the previous one, this one also uses floating shelves to create the make up center. To make it tidier, the boxes are put between two floating shelves and the top shelves is only for mirror and lamp.


Floating Drawers

As you can see that floating shelves can be a minimalist and simple center for make up, here you see that floating drawer can offer you better storage for your make up. And, you can see here that besides drawers, it also has shelves and large mirror. Clearly for those who love to put some make up.


Simple Table

While the previous one raves about floating make up center, this one is with table. However, with this simple and thin-looked table, this table doesn’t look weighing the overall look. The pretty golden framed mirror adjusts better perception.


Simple yet Elegant

Still on the simple side, this one here allows you to keep your make up tidily on its drawers. With its thin and slim design, this one look simple. However, the golden framed large mirror and the golden chair covered with white faux fur make the mirror looks so glamorous.


Pretty Small

While the previous one look grand, this one here looks small yet still pretty. The white colored table, chair, and lamp are good combinations to the small space. The golden touch  from the lamp and the mirror makes it prettier.


Real Racks

This one is for you who love make up so much that your collection needs its own shelves. In this one, you can see that the table is without drawers and to keep it tidy, the owner created a rack on the back of the chair, especially for the make up. This way, you keep your table clear.


All the Mirrors

When you put your make up, you might want to make sure you put everything right in your face. And that’s why some people need more than one mirror. This one here shows how sometimes women need the smaller round mirror that can zoom in its reflection. And the larger one to check on the outfit too.


Give Some Light

This one is also the best for you who have abundant collection of make ups. You can put it on the shelves on both sides and you can touch up with the help of the light in your mirror to give you clearer reflection.


A Kingdom of Make Ups

Really similar with the previous one, this one also has a large space to keep all your makeups: the shelves, the tables, and it even has drawers too. Then, you can also see clearer reflection on the mirror lamp.

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