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studio apartment with wooden floor, grey sofa, rug, bed, study area, kitchen, round dining table Cloud Home

Bedroom With Bed On Top, Study Area Below, Cabinet, Rug, Floor Lamp, Silver Light Fixture
Bedroom With Bed On Top, Study Area Below, Bookshelves Under The Footboard, Blue Ottoman, Windows
Floating Bed, Rug, Living Area Under The Bed, Plants, Window
Studio Apartment With Bed, Rug, Wooden Floor, White Sofa, Coffee Table, White Curtain, Side Table, Table Lamps
Studio Apartment Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Walls, Accent Wall, White Bookshelves, Grey Sofa, White Square Table, Coffee Table
Studio Apartment With Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Rug, Bed, Study Area, Kitchen, Round Dining Table
Bed In Upper Level With Wooden Floor, Wooden Stairs, White Open Brick, White Ceiling, Bookshelves, Open Clothes Storage
Studio Apartment Room With Bedding Sith Storage, White Book Shelves, Grey Sofa, Grey Flooring, White Cabinet, White Coffee Table, White Floating Shelf, Geometrical Wired Lamp
Bed On The Upper Leve, Bookshelves Under, Stairs   Shelves, Wooden Floor, Rug
Bedrom With Bedroom On Upper Level, Bookshelves On The Bedding, Living Area Under The Level, Rug, Wooden Floor, Plants

When you have studio apartment with small area that you need to maximize the most, you will want to decorate your home with space saving furniture that will still maintain the aesthetic side of the room also. Here below are some rooms that you might find beautiful, simple, and doable.


Open Space

When you have small space, one of the things you can do to make your space looks wider is by having open room. As you can see below, this studio apartment makes the bedroom parted from the living are with bookshelf and a low table. To make it more private, the bedroom is also parted from the rest of the room with white curtain. To make the room more breathable, the furniture is in minimalist tone color.


Bookshelves Partition

Similar to the previous one, this one here also has bookshelves as the partition and it has the living area on the other side. With small and quite low ceiling, this room stays as much as possible in white and grey colored furniture. To make the room more cheerful, the fairy lights decorate the wall at the back.


All FreeĀ 

Similar to the previous one, this one too is an open room with a more subtle partition on the area of the house. As you can see, this studio apartment has everything from bed, living area, study area, kitchen, even dining table set. But of course to arrange everything to be it inside while maintain the simplicity, it choose an open room method. You can see the study area is in one area with the bed with headboard as the line to separate the “bedroom”with the open kitchen and living room. The choice of white color also really meets the purpose.


Without Any Limit

This one here still has some similarities compared to the previous one. The difference is that this one has no partition to separate the bedroom and the living area. The difference is only the rug used under the bed. You can see from the picture below that this studio apartment prefer to have the larger side for living area that it has quite big sofa, coffee table, two side tables, and rug just for the living room.


Put Above

After those open room and setting, there is another thing you can do for your studio apartment to space saving. It’s putting your bed on the bedding above. It’s like creating new level for your place but only for the bed. Under the bed, you will be able to have the space for another thing. This one here creates a study are under the bed and successfully having bookshelves under the footboard.


Saving the Space

Similar to the one before, this one also putting the bed above and creates study are below. The difference is the direction of the stairs while the previous one is on the side of the bed, this one here is more on the foot end of the bed. And as you can see, the rest of the space is enough for a living room, a kitchen, and probably some dining table set too.


Floating Bed

This one is one of the genius ideas with its floating bed. The other ones always have support under and it makes some limitation for the area below. With a floating bed, you won’t need to worry about the limit that the bed support can cause you. In this picture below, you can see that the area under the bed is used for living are with sofa and coffee tables. And as it looks really simple, the other furniture has thin lines and weightless feeling about it too.


Upper Level

In this studio, the owner part the room to have an upper side for the bed. Under the level, surely any kinds of storage is kept tidily. Along with the bed, the upper level also has clothes in open storage. With this kind of partition, a room can get even messier but with white furniture and clean wooden floor, stairs, and bedding, it looks fine and pretty.


Shelves Around

Taking the same idea as before, this one too has put the bed on different level and creating space for bookshelves under the bed and stairs. With this kind of bed you will have less space compare to the one with clear space under. However, if you can afford the space and it suits you, it’s okay too.


Hidden Bed

This last one has a really unique method The bed itself is on upper side. But the one thing that is not used by the previous one is used here. The bedding side is used for bookshelves with lamp installed inside the shelves. It is so pretty, especially when the other lamps are turned off. Not only that, the area below the upper level is used for cozy living room with chairs, ottoman, and soft rug on the floor.


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