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unfolding bed with thin thickness installed on the wall near the sofa Black and Mill Interior Design

Queen Size Bed With White Cover, Parted With Book Shelves
Brown Wooden Unfolding Bed With Blue Door Storage Cupboard, Built In Shelves On Headboard
Unfolding Bed With Thin Thickness Installed On The Wall Near The Sofa
Rustic Bedroom With White Bed With Square Wooden Bedding
White Unfolding Bed With White Storage Cabinet,, Turned Into White Sofa
Blue Bed Inside A Bedroom Parted With Bookshelves As Wall
White Bed Positioned Low Near The Flooring
King Bed For Studio Apartments With Big Mirror In One Side Of The Wall
Colorful Bed In An Open Room With Colorful Dining Area And Living Area
Grey Single Bed In Private Are With Curtain In Studio Apartment

If you have a studio apartment, you know how it feels to have small space: you have to really consider what you can and cannot go into your rooms even for all the things you need. And that is the real challenge. Not to mention to make it stays beautiful besides the full top functioning. If you can achieve that, your studio apartment will be the most comfortable place to your liking. And one of the most important things that you must have is a bed. And with the small space, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have any bed you want. Sometimes people think they are not free to choose the bed they want because of the space limitation. Below are some ideas where you can get aspired from regarding to your bed in your apartment.

Close It with Curtain

You will need all the space you can have in a studio apartment and that is why curtain is probably one of the best barriers for your bed. When you are not sleeping, you can open the curtain and have the entire studio to yourself. And when you need some privacy or sleep, you can close the curtain again. It is simple and not expensive.

Shelves Barrier

Besides curtain, you can make your own wall by building a room with book shelves or building a wall and turn it into something useful like bookshelves. With this, you can save your space for you don’t need space for shelves again.

Shelves Partition

This is another partition from book shelves. Although it doesn’t literally a wall, it makes a nice partition to the room. You will have airier room with this partition rather than the wall you build with your shelves.

Eclectic Room

This is a very lovely room where you can feel comfortable and if you are someone not uptight, you will see that the color bring the fun on this room. The room itself is an open concept room where you can find bed, dining area, and living area in one room. That is generally what people do with studio apartment.

Unfold Your Bed

Another greatest way to really save your space is by having unfolding bed. This bed will only appear when you need it. And when you are not in need of bed, you can close it and turn it into sofa. One thing to solve two needs. Isn’t that great?

Thin Unfolding Bed

This is for you who only need bed as a tool to sleep. Well, you only need a narrow nook for thin unfolding bed. And that will only as thick as your bookshelves.

Hidden Unfolding Bed

If you don’t want the bed to be seen during the day, you can make a special room for it so that you can close it when you don’t need it. You can also add built in shelves on the headboard.

Mirror Illusion

If you think you room is too crowded, you can turn for help to the mirror. You can put mirror in one side of your wall and get larger room illusion.

Stay Low

If you are not in the mood of changing your room and you just want it the way as it is, you can do it too. Although, you room will be airier if put your furniture in low height. This is so that you can have more room to air circulation.

Rustic Studio Room

If you love having rustic theme room, you can do that also in your studio room. With all wooden furniture, you can bring the nature in your apartment room.

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