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Bedside Table, White Marble Base, Golden Brass Thin Body, White Cover With Pattern, White Bedside Cabinet, Beige Rug, White Bedding, White Pot With Plant, Green Wall, White Wall
Bedside Table Lamp With Wooden Body, Mustard Cover, Whote Table
Small Bedside Sconces, Black Bedding, Black Wall. Wooden Floor
Rose Copper Bedside Hanging Lamps, Grey Bedding, Pillows, Wooden Bedside Table, White Wall
Bedside Hanging Lights With Black Cover, White Wall, White Bedding, Small Floating Wooden Box
White Tulip Covered Bedside Sconce, White Wall, Wooden Bedside Cabinet, Grey Bedding, Grey Headboard
Bedside Table Lamp With Brass, White Cover, Black Cabinet, Blue Wall, White Bed Headboard
White Covered Hanging Sconces With Green Cable, Grey Wall, Wooden Headboard
Bedside Hanging Lights With Glass Cover, White Floating Table, White Bedding Pillows, Beige Accent Wall
Modern Sconces With Golden Support, Golden Stalk, White Buld

Adding bedside lamps to the bedroom is really important especially if you love to read before you sleep, or talk to your partner in more romantic lights at night. As there are many kinds of bedside lights, here are some inspirations for bedside lamps from table, sconces, and hanging lights.

Simple Mustard
The most common bedside lamp is probably very similar to this one here. Put on the table, this one is also practical. People say to measure the bedside lamp cover to your chin. And this is the kind of lamp that will work the best with that kind of measurement. This one here especially looks so warm both because of the wooden material and mustard cover.

Brass Lamp
Similar to the previous one, this one is also the settle-in look. The timeless look of this kind of lamp makes it so easy to mix with the look of the bedroom.

Gold Accent
Stray a little bit from the conservative look, this one here combine many look in one lamp. With marble look at the base, it continues with golden thin stalk and ends with white pattern cover lamp. It looks amazing with the white candle on white cabinet. The green wall makes it a stark difference between these two different colors.

Minimalist Look
IF you love the minimalist look, you will love this one right here. The black covered hanging bedside lights compliment the minimalist look in the room. With the right angle, this hanging bedside lights can help you to get the best light, especially when you read.

Molten Glass
The best thing about glass light is that it is so easy to mold in the production so that it can come out in many kinds of shape. So, instead of a straight line glass lights, if you love some curves, the one like this one can work beautifully for your room.

Rose Hanging Lights
Similar to the previous one, this one also offers lights from the hanging position. The interesting part about it is the rose color displayed from the metallic cover of the lamp.

Tulip Sconce
Another thing that can beautify your bedroom while giving a function of lights to your bedside is sconce. This one here gives a beautiful demonstration of sconce with its white tulip like sconce.

Small Light
Sconces can be used not only to give lights but also to give beauty to the room, as seen in this picture below. The black bedroom can look dark, but the white sconces in the room looks like diamonds.

Hanging Sconces
While sconces can look so tidy on the wall, sometimes, combining the character of wall installation and hanging lamp can be interesting, like this one here below. With its wall installation, it has sconce look. With the hanging position, it has hanging look. And with that kind of cover, it also looks like a table lamp.

Modern Look
This one here especially has a modern look with its simple yet unusual design. The clean lines demonstrate the modern look pretty well.

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