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black triangular head of lamp that can move along the semi circle arc that can be adjusted on the base Sight Unseen

White Top Lamp With White Geometric Support
An Orb Lamp Inside A Tangled Branch
A Bedside Lamp With Tall Pillar In Bronze, Facet Ish Bulb
White Tiered Calcite Side Table Lamp
A Bedside Lamp With Two Sphere Lamps Big And Small
Black Triangular Head Of Lamp That Can Move Along The Semi Circle Arc That Can Be Adjusted On The Base
Black Top Lamp With Geometric Metal Frame Support
A Bedside Lamp With A Pack Of Small Branches Linging On The Pillar
Bedside Lamp With White Top And Clear Glass Bottom
Industrial Bedside Table Lamp

The ambiance of a bedroom can depend on many things like bedding, cupboard, bench, side table, chandelier and many more. However, for bed area itself, the important things are whether you have side table or not, and if you do, what are the things you put on the table. The kind of table will brings its own significance to the bed look but also importantly the bedside table lamp. If you the kind of person who love details, how your bedside table lamp is an important piece. It should be beautiful and it should present who you are. Now, let’s see amazing list of beautiful bedside table lamps for idea stealing.


Beautiful Calcite Lamp

White always looks pure and beautiful to match. And it’s even more beautiful knowing this lamp is supported by white colorless mineral like calcite. It will undoubtedly brings beautifully interesting effect when it’s lighted at night. It’s a great option for those who love beautiful things.


Geometric Frame

This one is for those who love more modern and tough design that will be a good match for minimalist colored room. With its black top and matching colored frame, this gives you modern and strong statement to your bedside table.


White Geometric Lamp

Similar with the previous bedside lamp, this one also brings out modern vibe with white geometric shape low part. The best part about it is that white color is just good with any kind of color to match.


A Glass of Lamp

Another design that gives a glitter of joy only in looking at it is this clear glass lamp with white top. Designed with clear glass, you can see through it and it will undoubtedly give a great effect when the lamp is on. And this one here has clear glass of jar with flowers that brings both glass look endearing.


A Pack of Branches

Contrast to the previous ones, this unique one brings out rustic feeling. It brings natural atmosphere so slightly yet so beautifully to the room. With a slight of green leaves, this one makes no one forget how pretty nature is. It is perfect for you who love rustic natural aura.


A Bedside Orb

Similarly getting out natural aura, this one is also really beautiful and add mystical air from  it as it looks like an orb that will glint beautifully on the dark near your table. If you’re a fan of fantasy story or natural look lamp, well, this one is perfect for you.


Two Globes on Its Path 

This one below shows a golden curve with its two sphere like a planet revolve on their path, this one also brings a beautiful aura around it, especially with its design and color.


Industrial Mood around the Bed

Now, it’s time for industrial lamp to light a room. Its unique design and match of wood and wire as well as the Edison bulb makes it one of the most beautiful lamp out there.


Contemporary Bedside Lamp

For those who love simplicity yet also look for something glittering, this one may be a great option for you with its simple line yet-not-really straight bronze pillar. The facet-ish bulb is also a unique touch on it.


Unique Adjustable Lamp

This one might be the most flexible among all as the triangular part can move all along the arc and the arc can move depends on how much you want it leans. So, it’s not a problem to have it short as it actually can be adjusted to your content.


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