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simple bench with back on entryways with round wooden hooks on the wall Instagram - Amber Interiors

Rustic Basic Wooden Bench On Entry Hall With White Wall, Wooden Floor, Plants On Woven Pot, Rattan Basket, Rug
Blue Wooden Bench With Pillows In An Entryways With Wooden Floor, Rug, Rattan Pot With Plants, Picture
Light Brown Wooden Basic Benche On Entryways With White Wall, Hooks, Picture
Wooden Bench With Blue Cushion On Entryways With Plants, Baskets, Books, Decorations
Entrance With Wooden Bench With White Cushion, Pillows, Coat Racks, Wooden Basket, Wooden Message Board
Wooden Bench With Back, Metal Support In An Entryways With Wooden Floor, White Wall, Rug, Rattan Basket, Metal Basket For Shoes, Coat Racks
Simple Wooden Bench In Entry Hall With Round Large Mirror, Coat Racks, Pot, Basket, Storage
Floating Bench With Shoe Racks Under In Entrance With White Floating Shelves With Baskets Inside
Entry Ways With White Bench With Brown Wooden Top, Shelves Under, Basket Inside The Shelves, Hooks, Decoratoion
Simple Bench With Back On Entryways With Round Wooden Hooks On The Wall

Decorating entryways is important to make the first best impression of your house, to welcome you and your guest to the house, to give a sneak peek on the house’s preference. And that’s can be done from the very first step you come inside the house: through he entryways. Not only that, that can be done through a bench in the entrance as there are abundance of benches kind that you can find that can offer you a warm welcome. Now let’s see some ideas on the benches below.


Basic Bench

In this light colored basic bench, you can give a light and easy welcome to the house. With white walls and neutral colors decoration, it’s like you give your guest a little peck on the cheek.


Nice Simple Welcome

Similar to the previous one, this one is also a simple basic bench with more strict design. Without curve on the bench, the entrance look is less strict with the presence of large round mirror so the invitation to come inside the house is still friendly enough.


Simple Bench, Simple Look

On this one picture, you can see the simplicity both in the basic design and the thin lines. Not only that, it is also place in entryways with round wooden hooks on the wall that match the bench color. It has balance and minimalist feeling on it.


Blue Bench

Similar to the previous one, this one also has standard and thin lines on its design. This minimalist design is combined with its dark blue paint that gives mysterious aura. The surrounding is really simple and minimalist.


Metal Supports

While the previous one is simple and light looking, this one is heavier looking but still with simple design with a flat board to sit and a back. The one that makes it heavier is the metal support on it. However, combined with rattan basket, rug, racks above, and metal basket under, it all makes sense.


Rustic Standard Bench

Similar to the previous one, this one is also a basic shaped bench. However, the rustic wooden of slab gives a strong impression from the first look. The best thing is that it’s combined with woven rattan pot for the indoor plant, and rattan basket for storage under the bench. The rug in front of it gives color to the look.


Floating Bench

In this one, you can see that the bench is installed from wall to wall with a line of shoe rack under. So you can a place to sit and a place to keep your shoes tidily. Not only that, the dark brown bench is placed on white wooden wall with all the shelves and baskets. Clearly, this one is for those who like to store things.


Sweet Welcome

Although bench is a sweet option in your entryways, it is usually only used for when you put on and off your shoes or coat. And that’s why, although it’s needed, some people like to put decoration on it, like shown below. Under the bench is baskets on shelves that will enable you to store your things from outside.


Lovely Note

If your entrance faces the stairs, you can decorate your bench on its side. With books, plants, baskets, and sweet decorations, you create a pleasant welcome for yourself.


Fluffy Pillows

To make a welcome that notes comfort, you might want to arrange some pillows on your bench. And bench with cushion might be the perfect option too.



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