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Treat your living room with one of the best ceiling fans. Besides helping the interior space got a good air flow, the ceiling fan can make a statement or decoration in a room especially in a living room where the guests can be comfortable to stay. The best ceiling fans are the ones that suit the ceiling or room style. They may also have a unique design or be combined with lighting that makes them special. It’s worth to try having a special feature in your home. Here are some best ceiling fans for living room you can install to have an inspiring ceiling fan in your home.

A Ceiling Fan for Contemporary Room

This contemporary living room is surrounded by the maple veneer plywood walls and cabinets. A small and minimalist look of ceiling fan really blends in this contemporary style. Place it above the seating space.

Balance Sleek with Soft

A Ball ceiling fan is an attractive touch in this bright living room. It comes in brushed aluminum with maple blades. The ceiling fan can balance the industrial sleekness with a sphere-shaped body and the softness of maple blades.

Isis Ceiling Fan

Best ceiling fans for living room may have unique shapes, as like this one. This ceiling fan has long and slim blades. An Isis ceiling fan is suitable to fill in the large ceiling and transitional room.

Flyte Ceiling Fan with Light

This Flyte ceiling fan only has three slim blades and small lighting. Since the ceiling fan already has a lamp, you can just install some recessed lighting and wall sconce.

Acero Ceiling Fan with Light

If you are looking for the best ceiling fans for living room, you can get this Acero ceiling fan. It has three short chrome blades and bigger lighting.

Eclectic Living Room with Pops of Color

This brushed nickel ceiling fan with lighting becomes one the eclectic features in this living room. Comfortable seating, unique ceiling medallions on the walls, and other chic features make a good combination to create an eclectic vibe.

Match The Seating Shape

When you have some curved sofas in your living room that has created a nice seating space, you can choose a ceiling fan with the curved blades. It can blend into the style of seating space and definitely look stylish.

The Fanimation Fans

Fanimations fans have become best ceiling fans for living room. It has some universal designs and features you can add to any room style. This ceiling fan has the same tone as the coffee table. It creates a central attraction in a room.

A Modern Ceiling Fan with Lamp

This modern fan Pharos ceiling fan with a lamp can fill the emptiness of the white ceiling. The position of the fan and fireplace is beautiful without too much to hang on the wall for decoration.

High Ceiling with Fans

You can put some best ceiling fans for living room together in one place. Since this living room is wide and has a high ceiling, the fans are installed with the long cables.

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