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The Best Deck Paint Ideas to Consider Applying at Your Residence

Painting a part or parts of your deck is one of the things you can do to make the area awesome and, of course, there are many ideas you can try if you want to paint a part or parts of your deck. One of the ideas you can try is taking a long look at awesome decks and get some deck paint ideas to apply from. If you’re looking for awesome decks to get deck paint ideas to apply from, you can take a long look at these decks and get some ideas to apply at your residence from the cool decks.

Blue, White and Purple

The deck below has a floor that’s painted in blue and white and it has lovely patterns that, together with purple used to colour the bench, really help beautify the area.

best deck paint wood floor fence seating pillows small table traditional style blue white purple
Sarah Greenman

Blue, Red and White

The colours used to paint this deck’s floor are blue, red and white. The three colours are used in a way that they create a cool pattern that adorns the floor, beautifying it.

best deck paint wood floor railing table decorative plants sofa pillows eclectic area

Light Blue and White

The traditional porch below has a floor that’s painted in light blue and white. The area also has a table and chairs that are painted in light blue.

best deck paint chairs tables mirror railing pillows traditional porch
CK Interiors

Green, Especially When Paired with Yellow

Below is a midcentury deck where you can find a wall painted in green. Green is an awesome colour and it can create a very lovely colour combination when paired with yellow.

best deck paint grass decorative plants shiny floor modern chairs green walls midcentury deck fench
Kropat Interior Design

River Rock Colour

Paint your deck in river rock colour if you want to improve its looks and you don’t like colours that are considered too flashy by many.

best deck paint sofa pillows chairs table railing lamp beach style balcony
Insignia Homes

White is Simple but Awesome

Below is a beach-style deck that has parts painted in white. The deck itself is an awesome deck with a wood floor, white and blue chaise longues, white chairs and lovely flowers.

best deck paint wood floor chairs table flowers railing pillars beach style deck
Mary Prince Photography

Dark and White

The colours used to paint parts of this deck are white and a dark colour and this deck with beautiful flowers is definitely a deck you should get inspirations from if combining white and dark colour in your deck is what you plan on doing.

best deck paint lights dark walls white frames decorative plants traditional deck
G Little Construction

Dark Colour is Always Cool

The contemporary deck below relies heavily on dark colour and you can find dark colour on various parts of the area including the wall and the railing.

best deck paint railing doors wood floor glass contemporary deck
Mark Brand Architecture

Sparks of White are Lovely

This transitional deck has white colouring parts of it and it also has cool chairs with cushions and pillows that accompany a cool small table.

best deck paint white railing chairs small table transitional deck

White Sure Goes Well with Dark Colour

White is a colour that definitely goes well with dark colour and the deck below and the wall and things around it are proofs of that.

best deck paint stairs plants glass door craftsman exterior dark colour white
The Works

Cool Dark Colour

Dark colours are undeniably cool and this modern deck with dark walls is one of the things that does well in proving that.

best deck paint railing seating windows dark walls modern style
BIOS Architecture

Purple Gray and Mustard Yellow

The colours that decorate the beautiful deck below are purple gray and mustard yellow. The area itself has chairs, cool lamps, white pillars and more.

best deck paint pillars railing chairs table window lamps transitional porch purple gray mustard yellow
Texas Construction Company

White on a Uniquely Designed Deck

There are many things that are coloured in white in the uniquely designed deck below including chairs, railings and more.

best deck paint plants chairs pillows plants transitional deck white

Green and Ochre

The colours that are used to beautify the area around the deck below are green and ochre, which create a cool colour combo.

best deck paint grass stones glass plants modern house exterior green ochre
Gardner Architects LLC

White Combined with Other Colours

The deck below has white railings that share the area with other things in other colours like furniture pieces and other things.

best deck paint flowers stairs chairs table railings outdoor area
Fiberon Decking

Black and White

The colours that are used in the traditional-style deck below are black and white, which do a great job in improving the area’s overall looks.

best deck paint railings chairs plants chairs traditional style
Stephanie Wilson

White is Pure and Beautiful

This tropical deck is one of the things that can prove that white, the pure and beautiful colour, can help beautify an area.

best deck paint wood floor chairs table plants tropical style

When Blue Meets White

This deck is a place where you can see blue meeting white to create a cool look that really helps make the area look cool.

best deck paint stairs wood floor blue wall beach style white
Ethos Interiors

White is Wow

This area is where you can see many things in white including railings walls, pillars and more. The area itself has a tub, a seating area and more.

best deck paint wood floor fireplace wall tv railings windows traditional style
Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc.

Turquoise and Yellow are Cute

The deck below is where turquoise and yellow are used to decorate the area. The deck has a firepit, cool dark-coloured chairs and lovely flowers. The deck is a nice gathering area where the owners of the house can enjoy a great evening together.

best deck paint fireplace flowers grass chairs contemporary style yellow torquoise
Coffman Studio

Red and Dark Colour

Red and dark colour work together to create a cool look that really adds something nice to the simple deck this house has.

best deck paint grass red chairs windows dark walls rustic deck
Distinctive Landscaping

Yellow and White

The deck below is where you can see yellow and white getting paired with each other to give the area a very nice look. The deck is a gathering area that has a small table, chairs, and more.

best deck paint railings stairs flowers plants chairs table windows traditional style yellow white
Shannon Malone

Another Combo of Yellow and White

The deck below is another deck where you can find a combo of yellow and white. Yellow is used to paint the walls and white is used to colour window frames, pillars and more. The deck itself is an area with two cool modern chairs and a small table with wheels.

best deck paint chairs table pillows windows lamps eclectic look yellow white
Studio 74 Architects

Wow, White’s Awesome

The modern deck below is where you can find white walls that really help give the outdoor area a character it can be proud of.

best deck paint chair walls glass outdoor area modern style
SLATE Construction Services

Light Blue

The stunning deck below has a floor that’s stunningly coloured in light blue. Parts of the deck’s railing are also coloured in light blue. The deck has lovely yellow furniture pieces and it’s an area where you can see beautiful red flowers.

best deck paint light blue floor yellow chairs table red flowers traditional style
Scott Brinitzer Design Associates