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classic bathroom with beautiful white marble hex flooring Clawson Architects

Hexagonal Tiles In Shower Area, Porcelain Tiles In Tub Area
Contemporary Bathroom With Beautiful Mosaic Marble Tiles Placed One By One
Bathroom With White Subway Tiles
Classic Bathroom With Beautiful White Marble Hex Flooring
Transitional Bathroom With Mosaic Tile Flooring In Basketweave Patterned From Honed Carrera Marble With A Dark Charcoal Dot
Shower Room With Pebbles Flooring
Bathroom With White Blue Tiles Flooring
Contemporary Bathroom With Natural Look Tiles In Bath Area And Interlocking Pebbles Flooring In Shower Area
Bathroom With Brown Tiles, Different In Shower Area And Sink Area
Bathroom With Carrera Marble Flooring Cut And Placed In A Chevron Pattern

Bathroom is a place you will want to be able to feel comfortable when you clean yourself. By having a nice bathroom, you will feel at ease when you spend a long bath or shower. One of the things that make a bathroom exceptional is the well functioned flooring and the light the flooring gives you. You will want to make sure your flooring is well slopped and of course something that you like. Different flooring will have different effect and this can affect your bathroom look a great deal. If you consider having an outstanding bathroom floor, you will want to check out some ideas from the expert in the pictures below.

White Beautiful Marble

This pretty bathroom is supported by a beautiful white marble hex that glows romantically across the bathroom. With its yellow lights, the bathroom looks perfect.

Stunning Bathroom Floor

This one is a really exquisite bathroom with great flooring where some artists placed the mosaic tiles one by one to get this great whole look. If you ever think of giving the best look to your bathroom, this one can be definitely the one.

Pebbles Flooring

If you can handle uniqueness, you will be able to have these pebbles on your flooring in bathroom. This will not come with higher price either. With pebble mesh, you will be able to come with natural environment that feels amazing in your feet.

Pebbles for Small Shower Room

You can see from the picture below that pebbles can be placed whether in large or small bathroom. Its exquisite natural look will look great in either way.

Pretty Tiles

If you like something more conservative like tiles floor, you can try something like this. Even though it is something classical like tiles, but the pattern can be various. And this one is definitely one of the prettiest.

Pretty Little Tiles

If you want to have something small but pretty as a whole, you definitely will love mosaic tiles in your floor. With simple design like this one, you can have whole different look.

Subway Tiles

If you love a simple but still have unique feeling to it, you will love white subway tiles shown here that are placed in basket weave. This pretty sight will welcome you every time you come inside your bathroom.

Tiles All Over

Having a bathroom will tiles surround it will give your bathroom more protection on damp wall or flooring. You can play with the tiles colors like this one below.

Chevron Marble

Playing with shape and pattern is one of the most funs you can do with flooring. And it also applies on bathroom flooring. With white simple carrera marble, you can make an exquisite flooring in chevron pattern.

Mix Two Flooring

This idea is for you who like to mix two things beautifully. In the shower in this one shower area, the flooring is white hexagonal mosaic tiles while in the tub area is grey porcelain tiles that make the white ceiling wall, shower flooring and tub even whiter.

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