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Storing bikes can become something that’s not too easy to do when one stays in an apartment but the need to store bikes in an apartment can be something that gives birth to the most creative storing ideas. When it comes to storing bikes, of course, one needs a bike rack and here are bike rack ideas for you if you reside in an apartment and you have a bike to store.

In the Bedroom

Using a bike rack like this in your bedroom, you can put a bike on one part of the rack and another right above it without having to sacrifice too much space in your sleeping room.

In a Mid-size Dining Room

This bike rack is placed in a mid-size dining room and it;s accompanied by a wall decor with lots of pictures and letters on it.

Behind a Folding Screen

The space behind a folding screen can also be used to store bike and the screen itself can help conceal the bike so not everyone sees it when spending time in the room.

In a Mudroom

Placed in a mudroom, one of these two bike racks is attached on a spot near the ceiling and the other is attached on a spot near the floor. They’re accompanied by a red storage item used to store books pillows, and varied other items.

In the Utility Room

This bike rack is in the utility room and it can store some bikes at once making it perfect for a family with many members with love for bikes.

In the Gym Room

As bikes are also frequently used for sports-related activities, it’s probably quite natural to choose the gym room as a place to place a bike rack.

In a Contemporary Bedroom

These bike racks are placed in a contemporary bedroom and sometimes the bike become the wall decor items when they’re being stored in the room.

In a Trendy Garage

Placed in a trendy garage, these bike racks force the bikes to share the room with other things the garage needs to store.

In the Entryway

These bike racks are in the entryway and the bikes on them sometimes become two of the first members of the family to greet guests.

In an Urban Mudroom

These bikes sure are blessed with a room with an awesome design since they’re on racks that are placed in an awesome urban mudroom.

In the Car Garage

As fellow vehicles, it’s just natural that a car and a motorcycle should allow bikes to also sleep in the same room they spend the night in.

Under the Staircase

Installed under the staircase, these bike racks are ones that really know how to save space and make a very good use of every little space available.

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In a Garage for All Bikes

These racks are in a garage where adults’ and kids’ bikes can spend time together without having to ask each other to go out and find another place to sleep in during the night.

In a Corridor

This bike rack is in the corridor and it has to spend time together with paintings and a number of other things its owner has.

In the Basement

This bike rack is in the basement and the owner has to walk down the stairs to get the bike when feeling like spending time with the bike outside the house.

Accompanied by Overhead Storage

These bikes, which include both adults’ and a kid’s bike, is on a rack that’s accompanied by an overhead storage attached to the ceiling.

Right Under an Overhead Rack

The bike racks here are closer to the overhead rack since they’re not simply being accompanied by the rack. They hug the rack, having the bikes hang right under the rack.

In the Living Room

Placed in the living room, this bike rack let the bike playfully hang on it without having to be afraid of falling to the floor below.

In Another Entryway

This bike rack is also in an entryway but the bike doesn’t always become the first thing to greet guests since it actually hides behind a wall.

Collaborating with Melamine Cabinets

Collaborating with cool melamine cabinets, these bike racks are placed in a room with a quite large space. The cabinets themselves are used to store varied things and you can see one of them being used to store a ball.

Balls are My Friends

In this room, the bikes on the rack have to call the balls their friends since they spend time together in the same room.

One Above One Below

It’s only when a bike and another bike’s friendship is strong and unwavering that one will allow the other to be in a higher place without complaining at all.

In a Bedroom with a Sofa

In a bedroom, this bike rack is befriended by a sofa with pillows and simple yet interesting pictures on the wall, enjoying sunlight the window provides for them when it’s time to stay in the room.

In the Dining Area

This interesting bike is placed in a very bright dining area and it often accompanies its owner when the owner has meals in the area. The area itself has a very big windows that lets a lot of sunlight in and in addition, it also has flowers to give one of its spots a beautiful look that help the occupant relax during mealtime.

In a Contemporary Living Room

In a contemporary living room, these bike racks let their bikes peek at many posters on one of the walls in the room. The bikes also get to witness what their owners do when they’re relaxing on the sofa with pillows near them. Of course, the bikes must always stay silent the whole time.

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