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A color combination can be used to add character into a room. When your room is filled with some furniture pieces in neutral colors, you can put an area rug with a color combination. An area rug with a color combination can make your room stand out more. A simple rug choice for a room is a black and white area rug. Because the rug has neutral colors, you can also put some furniture pieces in any color. You can find black and white area rug in different pattern and material. Here are some fascinating black and white area rug ideas that you can put in your room.

A Wool Black and White Area Rug

It will be nice if you can use bathmat over it when getting out of the shower. It is safe because there is a shower curtain prevent the water splash come out. This black and white bathroom offers a black bathroom rug with white frame.

A Huge Dining Room with Area Rug

This huge dining room features a long wooden dining table, luxurious yellow dining chairs, crystal chandeliers, a black and white area rug, and a fireplace. The features make this dining area ore comfortable.

An Open Concept Living Room

This Danish formal and open concept living room has a nice white color on its walls and ceiling. A black and white area rug, a grey sofa, and colorful pillows are placed nicely to make this living room cozy.

The Black and White Geometric

A nice black and white rug with unique patterns will add texture to a trendy living room. The repetition of black and white geometric are also shown in the rug and the throw pillows on the corner sectional.

An Empire Rug

This empire rug is really suitable for a large living room. It is placed right in the center of seating layout. The rug is very attractive in a neutral color room.

A Contemporary Living Room

Another way to deaden sound is to cover your hard floor with a thick rug. This white rug with black lines is used to minimize noise and help define the seating area.

A Black and White Striped Rug

This modern dining room shows the mix the wood, metal and interesting accents. This room also filled with the artistic touch from the striped rug and the symmetrical hanging pictures. The grid method on the wall works well for collections with numerous pieces.

An Elegant Dining Room

You can also look for a black and white area rug with a beautiful pattern. It really suits a romantic and elegant dining room.

A Kitchen Rug

A rug for a kitchen is not really popular. A black and white rug made of recycled plastic is added to this white kitchen. This rug material makes this rug can be cleaned easily.

A Large Black and White Area Rug

This white bedroom is filled with a large black and white patterned rug. You can choose a rug as big as the room as it can give the space dimension.

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