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kitchen with white wall, door pane, countertop, cabinet, black kitchen islands, chairs with white cushion adn black legs Michael Nash Design, Build, & Home

Kitchen With White Painted Brick Wall, Black Window Pane, Black Cabinet With White Counter Top
Small Kitchen With Black And White Flooring, White Wall, Countertop, Window Pane, Black Cabinet
Kitchen With White Wall, Door Pane, Countertop, Cabinet, Black Kitchen Islands, Chairs With White Cushion Adn Black Legs
Small Simple Kitchen With White Wall And Cabinet, And Black Countertop
Kitchen With White Wall, Window Pane, Cabinet, Ceramic Half Wall, Black Counter Top
Kitchen With Black Counter Top White Cabinet
Kitchen With White Wall, Cabinet, Black Counter Top, Checkerboard Flooring
Kitchen With White Top Cabinet, White Wall, Big White Posts, Black Countertop, Black Kitchen Island, Black Chair
Large Kitchen With White Wall, Ceiling, Top And Below Cabinet, But Black Counter Top
Kitchen With White Flat Cabinet And Black Cabinet And Countertop In The Middle Of The Kitchen

Kitchen is an area in your home that requires clean condition. When you’re sure your kitchen is clean, you will feel relieve that all the cooking are not messy anymore. If you’re looking for ideas how to make your kitchen look clean and elegant, you might like to read this article.
One of the ways to show cleanness and brightness is using white. However white is quite fragile to dirt. To places that are susceptible to dirt, you can use black. Or if you are dare enough to use white on it that is okay too.

Black Counter Top

In this picture, you can see how the cabinet either the top ones or the below ones are in white with black handle for the cabinet below. However, the counter-top is in black to hide the mess when you cook.

All White Cabinet

In this picture, the kitchen looks stunningly clean with the choosing color of white. The wall is also in white with white-black edge ceramic tiles up to under the top cabinet. The white window pane makes the kitchen looks fresh.

Black and White Checkerboard

Using all the whites on the cabinet and black on the counter top table can be a little boring for some people. One of things you can do is having unique flooring like this one. With black and white checkerboard, the kitchen looks merrier but it is still in black and white theme.

kitchen with white wall, cabinet, black counter top, checkerboard flooring

Lepelch Archiecture

Black Cabinet

This one also use white and black checkerboard for the flooring but the difference is that is uses black cabinet under the table and white counter-top.

With Wooden Floor

Although it is a black and white theme kitchen, the wooden flooring doesn’t look misplaced. If anything, it makes the room homier and less stiff.

High Flat Cabinet

With this kind of kitchen, it is understandable that you want things look as simple as possible. The high tall white cabinet, it looks like it is part of the wall and the real kitchen is the black shiny table with sink.

Black Cabinet

This one is for you who love to use black to give the domination of elegant and to avoid the kitchen look too messy after the cooking. And keeping the wall to be still white makes it less dark.

White Counter-top

For you who doesn’t care if your kitchen looks messy and choose white over black, you can always use white as counter-top, like this one in the picture.

Small Modern Kitchen

When you have small kitchen, using white can give the feeling of brighter and larger area. And giving silver touch on things will make it even brighter.

All White on Top

This one is really beautiful. Besides the wooden floor, the furniture is either in white or black but with more white seen. The black color is only on the hanging lamp, oven, gas stove, and the legs of the table and chair.

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