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bathroom with black walls, black rails, hexagon tiles cube pattern in black grey, black tiles Daniel Apartment by Blackhaus

Black Bathroom With Black Tiles Wall, White Tiles Wall, White Toilet, White Sink On Wooden Vanity
Bathroom With Black Walls, Black Rails, Hexagon Tiles Cube Pattern In Black Grey, Black Tiles
Long Narrow Bathroom With Black Walls, Black Tiles On The Floor, Accent Wall, White Toilet, Black Cabinet With White Top Sink
Bathroomwith Stripes Tiles Floor, Black Wall, Black Tiles On The Wall, White Toilte, White Sink
Bathroom With Dark Grey Floor, Shower Tiles, Vanity, Backsplash, Sink, Large Mirror, Pendant
Long Large Bathroom With Black Herringbone Pattern Floor, Gery Tub, Grey Sink With Cabinet, Glass Pendant
Bathroom With Wooden Plank Flooring, White Tub, Black Marble Wall
Wooden Floor, Marble Sink, Golden Frame Mirror, Chandelier, Black Wall
Vanity With Black Marble, Black Faucet, Black Framed Mirror, Black Painted Wall
Black Bathroom With Beige Tiles Floor, Black Textured Tiles On Wall, Black Toilet, Black Marble Sink With Golden Legs, Golden Framed Mirror, Golden Chandelier, Statement Ceiling

Bold and black color has been really popular throughout the year. It can be easily seen in many articles and such, even in Pinterest. The elegance in black color has made many people fall in love with the powerful feeling it creates. As it’s one of the boldest color, the bravest common use is in the bathroom where the room is not big. With black color, the small or the big room will have depth and strong impression. And here below are some ideas on utilizing black color on bathroom.


Geometric Accent

Bold black has been a really beautiful color. It depicts a powerful and sometimes intimidating feeling. To make it less powerful, an accent like geometric patterns on the floor is a nice and fun touch although it is still has the bold of black.


Intriguing Black

Another thing to make things interesting in a black bathroom is by using marble tiles. Marble always have beautiful natural pattern that will make an interesting touch to the bathroom. It can be seen in this one here where all is in black but it has white lines form the marble.


Narrow Space

With strong depth on black color, even narrow space is helped. Adding golden accent from the mirror, faucet, and chandelier, the elegance and classy ambiance from black color is strengthened.


Long Black Bathroom

Used in a small room, black color can help the depth. However, using it in a long and narrow room like this one really make the room seems even longer.


White on Black

As black and white is totally contrast, having both color will make each looks even stronger, like this one here. White toilet and sink is a great contrast to the bathroom.


With White Accent Wall

As black is a really strong color, it can look too bold for some people. However, if anyone wants to have black bathroom look but does not want to get too bold, adding white accent wall is a great idea.


Gold and Black

Gold probably has been one of the colors that depicts wealthy and luxury. Combined with black, it gives strong, powerful, luxury taste.


Large Black

The use of black color in a bathroom can be really high. However, it does not mean that all tiles and furniture should be in black, or in the same intensity. In this picture, most intense black is used in the ceiling while the walls and floor is on lighter note. However, It still creates strong mysterious feeling.


Black Surrounding

Not using too much black on each details, this one here shows its own elegance by combining black with white and wood material. It creates less intense room and more relaxing note in the room.


Noting Black

Black and grey has been closely related sometimes it’s confusing where dark grey ends and black starts. However, when dark grey color scheme is gathered, with little detail of black in the faucet or the lamp, the room is rich with black timeless ambiance already.

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