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black entrance, black wall, black shelves, wooden floor, round mirror Alvhem

Black Entrance, Black Wooden Wall, Black Wooden Cabinet, Brown Hook Rod, Brown Leather Cushion
Black Entrance, Black Wall, Black Cabinet, Hook
Black Entrance
Black Entrance, Black Wall, Black Bench, Brown Leather Cushion, White Cabinet
Black Entrance, White Cushion, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Mirror
Black Entrance, Black Cabinet, Black Shelves, Grey Floor
Black Entrance, Black Cupboard, Black Shelves, Grey Cushion, Mirror
Black Entrance, Black Floor Tiles, Black Wooden Wall, Wooden Bench
Black Entrance, Black Wall, Black Shelves, Wooden Floor, Round Mirror
Black Entrance, Black Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Black Wooden Cabinet, Long Brown Cushion

Entrance is an important part of the house if you care about how your guest will perceive you. If you care about how you will be welcomed in your own house. Entrance is a place where people have the summary of the whole house and a sneak peak of the owner’s personality. If you love something bold and strong, you would love these black entrances below.

Light Black
This one here puts a strong yet light look with dark grey wall and floating shelf. This minimalist look would make anyone see your house as a tidy and minimalist as well as modern. With round mirror above. You will be able to get ready in the morning.

Black Compact
If you love something that can give you many things at once, you would love to have black cabinet in the entrance that also gives you place to hang your coat and hat as well as store your shoes.

Dark Dimension
This entrance has a strong and bold dark look. The wall and bench looks so dark that it is a nice contrast to the white cabinet on the side. The brown leather cushion makes the black setting softer while the patterned pillows make a nice and interesting accent.

Warm Cushion
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses warm brown cushion in the black entrance and create a comfortable and warm invitation to the house. The black wooden storage and wall brings in warm yet strong accent.

Minimalist Black
If you love black accent in the entrance, you would love this one here. The smooth black cabinet that is accompanied with black shelves makes a perfect minimalist look. And this black setting is refreshed by large mirror on the back.

Black Cage
This muddy room can be a perfect sample for an entrance look with tall black cabinet. The brown leather on the bench brings warmth and comfort to the black cabinet.

Dark Cabinet
This one is another cabinet that would look perfect in the entrance. This compact cabinet allows you to hang your coats, puts yours shoes and store you hat and bag in the entrance. The minimalist details are great for a minimalist look.

Black and White
As the opposite of black, white is the perfect color to show contrast and to show the depth of the black color itself. Together, both color makes each other popped out.

Black Floor
This one here is probably the simplest. With black wooden accent wall, black floor and wooden bench. This simple setting, however, successfully creates a strong and interesting look in the entrance.

Black Indented Wall
This indented wall is a great entrance. This is a great use of space. Using black, the space looks deeper and has bold look. The black shoe shelves are perfect, being placed in the indented place. The round mirror puts a fresh accent in this one.

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