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Bathroom, White Wall, White Tub, White Floating Vanity And Cabinet, Wooden Framed Mirror, White Sink
Bathroom, Black Floo, White Seamless Wall, Wooden Floating Vanity, Black Top, White Sink, Large Square Mirror, Large Glass Window, White Toilet
Bathroom, Black Wood Floor Tiles, White Subway Wall, Black Tub, Shower Area, Dark Cabinet, White Top
Bathroom, Black Marble Floor Tiles, White Marble Wall, White Round Tub, Black Vanity
Bathroom, Black Scale Floor Tiles, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Tub, White Floating Shelves
Bathroom, Black Floor, White Floaing Vanity, White Top, White Wall, White Tub, White Toilet, Large Mirror, Glass Window
Bathroom, Black Floor, White Wall, Floating Wooden Vanity, White Top, Black Sconces, Rug,
Bathroom, Black Patterned Floor Tiles, White Subway Wall Tiles, Black Subway Wall Tiles, Large Glass Window, Gold Shower, White Tub
Bathroom, Black Herringbone Floor And Accent Wall, White Wall, White Tub, Floating Vanity, Glass Bulb Pendant, White Top, White Sink
Bathroom, Black Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Subway Wall, Wooden Cabinet With White Top, Golden Framed Mirror, Black Floor Shower, Wooden Bench

Creating a comfortable and clean bathroom can be challenging. However, with modern look, the problems are solved beautifully. As modern setting tends to bring clean lines and tidy look, decorating with the simplicity of modern look can make your bathroom feels simple yet beautiful once you know what details you can accentuate. Here below are ten pretty modern bathrooms with black floor setting. Although it looks the same, the details they present are amazing to see.

Stark White
In this bathroom, you can see that the bathroom puts a strong contrast combination of black and white. The stark white wall looks gleaming with black floor as its companion. The floating vanity makes a neutral bridge among the combination.

Long Bathroom
Simplicity is the best accessories in making a space looks larger and more airy. Seen in this long bathroom, the space looks even larger with deep black floor and bright white wall. The floating vanity helps the room to looks light. The glass windows puts the room in brighter mood and it brings fresh touch to it.

Warm Touch
Although modern look can look quite stark and cold, a warm touch can be refreshing and makes the bathroom looks interesting as well. Seen in this one, the simple bathroom with white wall and wooden floating vanity looks modern and pretty. However, with its seamless black floor, the bathroom becomes even more stark. With rug on the vanity, it turns stark into warmth.

Black Herringbone
If you think black floor can be too dark, adding some details in pattern can make the whole picture looks beautiful. Here below, the black floor tiles are installed in herringbone pattern, not only on the floor, but also to the accent wall on the shower area. The side of the room remains white and brings herringbone pattern popped out.

Black Pattern Floor
Another thing to make a black floor not too bleak is by putting black patterned floor like this one here. The pretty and simple pattern brings a nice touch to the simple black and white setting.

Black Scales
This one here also shows an interesting pattern that black tiles can show. The scale pattern, even though in black, bring fresh look to the room that the simple black and white bathroom looks just amazing.

Tiny Tiles
While large hexagonal floor tiles have already brings interesting look, the tiny ones bring just the same fun details to the room. It looks more complicated yet it can be mesmerizing in a way.

Black Beehives
Hexagonal is always an interesting pattern. It goes modern yet it brings fun inside the room too. Seen in this one, the black hexagonal floor is combined with even more things that looks as interesting. The golden lines on the vanity and shower gleam beautifully and the wooden cabinet and bench brings peace inside.

Warm Modern
This one also puts warm when it can with the wooden pattern on the black floor and the wooden cabinet vanity. It is a simple move to bring warmth without making too much fuss.

Luxurious Black Marble
For luxurious look, marble is always the best option. Here, the black marble looks perfect combined with white marble wall. Both looks amazing together.

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