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living room, patterned rug, black wooden accent wall, white fireplace, wooden square coffee table, white chairs, brown sofa, built in shelves, vaulted ceiling Lindsey Brooke Design

Living Room, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, Grey Sofa, Pink Sofa, Pink Chair, Round Mirror, White Fireplace, White Coffee Table, White Fur Rug, Chandelier
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Black Accent Wall, Black Fireplace, Black Sofa, White Chairs, White Marble Coffee Table, White Wall, White Patterned Rug
Living Room, Patterned Rug, Black Wooden Accent Wall, White Fireplace, Wooden Square Coffee Table, White Chairs, Brown Sofa, Built In Shelves, Vaulted Ceiling
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, Black Chair, Dark Grown Leather Chair, White Round Coffee Table, Black Fireplace, White Framed Window
Living Room, Dark Green Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, B;ack Sofa, Patterned Rug, Brown Sofa,
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Built In Shelves, Ceiling Lamp, Brown Leather Sofa, Brown Leather Chairs, Coffee Table
Living Room, Grey Floor, Black Wall, Indented Shelves, Brown Leather Sofa, Round Mirror, White Chairs, Blue Square Ottoman
Living Room, Black Floor, Grey Rug, Black Wall, Grey Sofa, Grey Square Coffee Table, Crystal Chandelier, Black Round Chair, Golden Framed Mirror
Living Room, Dark Floor, White Rug, Black Wall, White Accent, White Fireplace, Chandelier, Black Sofa, Black Chairs, Coffee Table, Console Table

Living room is a place where everyone gather. For that, living room needs to look comfortable and warm. However, if you love to have something strong and bold, you might love to have black accent in the living room. Black color can give bold accent and make the room have a deeper ambiance. If you’re looking for something great in black, you would love these living rooms below.

Black on Sofa
This living room looks strong and bold with its dark green wall enclosed the room. The room is completed with wooden open shelves and black sofa. The room is warmed with patterned Moroccan rug.

Black Wall
A contradictory is seen in the living room below. The room is painted in strong black but it is sweetened and softened by pink and soft colored sofa. It is also a contrast to the white fireplace and white coffee table. This all is finished by modern lighting fixture above.

Window Bay
Living room that has great architectural design is amazing. This one here has bold and warm look seen in the fireplace and bright look in the window bay. These accents make the living room looks beautiful. Completed with black painted wall, the room looks even bolder. This room uses black chair, leather chair, modern lighting fixture, modern and large mirror and make the room great.

Black and Grey
The living room below has a strong look seen on the wall. The grey sofa and square coffee table makes the room looks modern and neutral, in dark shade. However, the golden framed mirror gives the room an interesting touch.

Black and White
Under this high ceiling, the living room looks airy and large. With black and white combination, it looks modern and strong as white and black pronounce each other well. The fireplace is painted in black, including all the accessories, and makes the room look unique.

Strong Accents
This is another black and white room that looks pronounced. The black wall matches well with the black sofa while the white accent wall in the middle blends with fireplace and floor. This white accent lines the room beautifully in the middle. With a chandelier, the room is a perfection.

Black Shelves
This living room has merged with reading room and it would be a great option for a reader. This one here uses black shelves at the end of the room and make the room looks deeper. The use of brown leather seats and wooden floor make the room warmer. The golden ceiling makes the room really great.

Bright in Black
Although decorated in black, this room looks bright. The black wall here makes a strong accent, especially with shelves here. With white chairs, the room looks pronounced. And to warm the room, this brown leather sofa looks perfect.

Bright and Fresh
This living room brings out a fresh look with natural touches and large windows. This combination makes the room look really bright. And the black accent in the middle does not make the room feels too dark.

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