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black dining room, wooden floor, black rug, black cabinet, black dining table, black chairs Interiors by Color

Grey Wall, Dark Blue Sofa, Wooden Floor, Black Rug, Black Round Coffee Table, White Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Pendant, Black Cabinet, Black Island, Wooden Stool
Kitchen, Black Island, Black Stools, Black Cabinet, White Wall, Black Chairs, Wooden Floor, White Floor Tiles
Bedroom, Black Wall, Wooden Floor, Black Bedding, White Window Sill
Black Wainscoting, White Wall, White Detailed Ceiling, White Marble Long Sink, Black White Patterned Floor, Black Cabinet
Black Wall, Black Floor, Wooden Floor, White Bed, Glass Parition
Black Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Black Rug, Black Cabinet, Black Dining Table, Black Chairs
Black Stairs, Concrete Floor, White Wall
Black Wall, Grey Floor, Grey Rug, Low Wooden Coffee Table, White Sofa, Metalic Pendants, Grey Chairs, Wooden Stool
Dark Grey Wall, Detailed Wall, Floating Concrete Sink, Grey Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Framed Window

Black has been a dark, deep and powerful color. Added in a room as a decoration seems like the furthest thing black can do. As black radiates a strong look, it is understandable that using black might get some people in contemplation. However, the rooms below are bravely used black not only as decoration or accessories but as the theme of the room itself. If you are feeling brave, you might want to look some of the black look the rooms offer.

Black Vanity
In this one, the vanity looks deep with black wall and cabinet. The cream marble sink brings elegant look in the vanity along with the carved ceiling while the pendant gives an interesting geometrical chandelier.

Dark Bathroom
Decorating a room in black does not necessarily puts black on the whole room. Some dark grey or light black shade can create a strong look as well as a strong impression to the room. This one here puts dark gray wall and add some details on the side wall while also has geometrical lines on the floor.

Dark Living Room
This living room also has dark accent on the entire room. The grey wall puts a smooth and cold touch to the room and makes the room looks strong with it. The black rug and coffee table make a nice combination.

Black Macrame
In this what-seems-to-be a modern living room, a nice and interesting touches have been added in black: the grit wall and the macrame. Although it has black as wall, the room does not look dark, with white and grey combination.

Black in Kitchen
The kitchen below has a very beautiful setting in white and black neutral look. The black on the cabinet, island, chairs and stools look so strongly impressive in this large kitchen with white wall, floor and curtain.

Pretty Contrast
This kitchen below plays a nice contrast combination of color with black, white and wooden look. The black cabinet looks magnificent combined with white on the outside and brown wooden look on the inside.

Pitch Black
The bedroom in this one looks immense with pitch black look, seen on the wall and floor. Wooden floor is added on the floor under the bed and makes the room warmer.

Black Bedroom
This one here plays with white lines on the window sill and makes an interesting look with the combination. The black bedding adds strong ambiance to the room.

Elegant Dining Room
Another thing about black is that it can easily gives elegance to a room. And this one room obviously pulls out an elegant pose contributed from the black and golden combination in this dining room.

Black Stairs
Not only rooms, stairs can also look impressive. This black stars one here pulls out a deep and dark look that is strengthen by the white wall and the grey concrete floor. It is a perfect minimalist and simple look.

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