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living room rug, black chair, black walls, black fireplace, woven basket, macrame, silver floor lamp, orange ottoman Kyla Magrath Interiors

Living Room White Floor, Grey Rug, White Wall, Wire Board, Silver Pendants, Black Low Round Coffee Table
Living Room Wooden Floor, Black Rug, Black Wall, Dark Purple Sofa, Wooden Boxes For Books, Coffee Table
Living Room Dark Floor, Black Bookcases, White Sofa, Black Chair, White Coffee Table
Living Room Grey Floor, Orange Rug, White Sofa, White Coffee Table, Wooden Cabinet, Black Wall
Living Room Wooden Floor, Black White Rug, Black Accent Wall, Grey Sofa, White Coffee Table
Living Room Rug, Black Chair, Black Walls, Black Fireplace, Woven Basket, Macrame, Silver Floor Lamp, Orange Ottoman
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Coffee Table, Colorful Decorative Pillows, Black Chandelier
Living Room White Floor, White Rug, White Wooden Simple Coffee Table, Black Sofa, Golden Side Table, White Wall
Living Room Wooden Floor, Wooden Coffee Table, Black Wall, White Fireplace, Orange Sofa, Orange Ottoman, Pot With High Plant, Green Moss Cushion For Reading Nook
Living Room, Grey Rug, Black Sofa, Black Cofee Table, Grey Wall

So many colors have been “a new black” but black is black and it’s popular whether it’s new or not, especially in the year of 2018. It gains its popularity more than before in interior design. Not only in the bathroom, black can look good in another room as well. Like in these living room, black can reign from the simplest thing like table to the wall.


Black Sofa

Getting some black in the living room does not always surround the room with all black furniture. One black furniture sometimes is enough. This one here adds black sofa that looks perfectly match the white room and it’s a beautiful modern living room already.


Black Accent Wall

As black wall can be really bold and powerful it is sometimes intimidating, some room still has the bold impression with black accent while. This one room here does have a really good strong impression. Accompanied by black floor lamp and shelves near the wall, its not any less bold.


Black Coffee Table

In a room with white or grey color, black color is easily spot on. With white walls and floor, the grey sofa and rug looks like a transition from white to black in the coffee table. It look minimalist and beautiful.


Warming Black

Black is like white, to some extent, it can look cold. In this one, black color is used for the wall. To create warmer ambiance in the living room with black wall like this one here, warm colored item like orange rug and the wooden cabinet perfectly do the job.


Warmed Room

Similar to the previous one, this one here also has black in the wall. Wooden floor in the room has balanced the look. Not only that, the orange sofa, wooden coffee table, even the plants in the room has brought even more warm feeling to the room.


Black Bookcases 

Another thing that can be painted black is a bookcase. Although the bookcase in this room is built in and makes the wall is in black already, the main point of the wall here is not a plain black color as the books make colorful little pieces.


Half Black

Black color can give a powerful and beautiful look. That is seen in this one with its black wall that gives an elegant look while the sofa and rug gives comfortable feeling. The combination is balanced and looks simple.


Comfortable Black

Although black depicts elegance and strong sight, it can also be made comfortable and warm too. This one here can do it well even without warm colors on it. With only grey and black, this looks comfortable to stay hours. The fluffy pillows make it possible.


Cheerful Black

Another thing that will make black does not seem like the black usually known is by having colorful companions. Bright colors look brighter with black background, so if a black room looks forlorn, putting colorful decorative pillows and wall accessories can help the room looks cheerful instead.


Bohemian Black

Besides getting comfortable and cheerful, black can also be a little bohemian. Putting black with natural decorations like plants will be one of the keys. Another one is having woven baskets and big macrame decorations on the wall. The next thing can be having fringe blanket over the sofa.

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