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Contemporary bedroom idea multicolored walls chalkboard wall table lamps black curtain black granite floors wooden floating cabinet Clifton Interiors Ltd

Large Transitional Master Dark Wood Floor Bedroom With Black Walls White Carpet Chandelier Lamp White Framed Mirror Table Lamps White Cabinet White Sofa And Pillow Throws
Contemporary Master Marble Floor And White Floor Bedroom With Chandelier Lamp Black Columns White Sofa Black Pillow Throws Black Table Lamps
Contemporary Bedroom Idea Multicolored Walls Chalkboard Wall Table Lamps Black Curtain Black Granite Floors Wooden Floating Cabinet
Mid Sized Trendy Guest Dark Wood Floor Bedroom With Beige Walls Golden Art Work Black Table With Table Lamps Pendant Lamp Mounted TV
Large Contemporary Master Dark Wood Floor Bedroom With Black Walls Chandelier Lamp White Rug Black And White Sofas Black And White Curtains
Eclectic Bedroom With White Walls Black And White Arts Furnished Wooden Cabinets Black Headboard Golden Pillows Table Lamps White Tables
Mid Sized Elegant Loft Style Medium Tone Wood Floor And Orange Floor Family Room With Multicolored Walls And No TV Black And White Sofa Chair And Ottoman
Classic Carpeted Bedroom With Black Walls And White Trim, A Standard Fireplace And A Wood Fireplace Surround Chandelier Lamp Table Lamps Metallic Cabinets
Trendy Dark Wood Floor Bedroom With White Walls White Bedding Black And White Rug Pendant Lamp Table Lamp Black Table
Trendy Dark Wood Floor Bedroom Cream Rug Table Lamp Black Painted Table White Wall Furnished Wooden Door Black And White Photos

Black and white bedroom can be as inviting as colorful bedroom but you need to understand  how the color of black and white works in the furniture and accessories. Here, you can see ten mesmerizing ideas to have black and white bedroom.

Hollywood Glam Realness

You can have Hollywood glam look by using a strict palette of black white, and the combination color of gray and beige. You can add a few metallic, mirrored and crystal accent. The white trim will maximize the contrast of the black paint very well.

Outstanding Headboard

You can make your headboard to be stand out by painting the background wall in the contrast color. This fancy white headboard contrasts sharply with the black wall. The beautiful patterns really complement the silhouette very well.

Chalkboard wall Background

Chalkboard background is a versatile idea in a room because it can be filled with any artsy ideas. It is good for black and white bedroom ideas and if you want to make the wall to be more colorful, you may use colored chalks as well.

Rich Black and White Patterns

You can make the bedroom to have a playful black and white theme by mixing any black and white patterns that you can find. It may look disorganized but that is the beauty of black and white. You can create a standpoint area by putting the third color on it.

White Bedroom Theme with Black Columns.

Another way to make black and white idea is by using the white color as the main color and using the black as the additional color. Here, the bedroom is mainly painted in white but the owner uses black painted furniture and paint the columns in black for perfection.

Classic Color for Classic Bedroom

Black and white will never out of style. It even looks better in small spaced area. black has a strong hue, thus, be careful not to over paint the room in black.

Black or White Painted Surface

The bedroom below is so fabulous that the natural wood furniture is painted either in black or white. The owner adds the silver chrome hardware to the dresser for the finishing touch. The black trims on the bedroom gives bolder look to the straight lines.

Artsy Bedroom Wall

If you decide to buy art to fill your bedroom, you does not to think whether it is a good investment or not, instead, you need top consider if the artwork matches the desired look or not. This way, you will have relevant artworks to use.

Gold Color in Black and White Look

Gold color can be used in bedroom ideas because it resemble the illumination of the bedroom lamp. Beside, it is also has the same tones with white as well.

The 50:50 Ratio of Black and White Color

The last ting that you can do in making your bedroom looks better in black and white is giving the equal part of both colors. The addition of the other color will give the great finishing look on the bedroom.


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