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blue and gray bedroom grey wallpaper grey shag rug blue curtains grey bed grey bedding blue pillows wall mirror traditional nightstand blue armchair ceiling fan with lamp Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC.

Blue And Gray Bedroom Gray Walls Blue Headboard Gray Bedding Blue Table Lamps Bedside Tables Bench Blue Pillows Blue Armchair
Blue And Gray Bedroom Black Ceiling Lamp Blue Area Rug Blue Bedding Blue Bed Blue Table Lamps Blue Nightstands Blue Eban Bag Grey Walls Grey Roman Shade Windows
Blue And Gray Bedroom Grey Wallpaper Grey Shag Rug Blue Curtains Grey Bed Grey Bedding Blue Pillows Wall Mirror Traditional Nightstand Blue Armchair Ceiling Fan With Lamp
Blue And Gray Bedroom Round Wall Mirror Grey Walls Blue Table Lamps Rattan Side Table Blue Bedding Pillows Grey Throw
Blue And Gray Bedroom Gray Walls Blue Bedding Artwork Grey Duvet Blue Pillows White Side Tables Chrome Wall Sconces
Blue And Gray Bedroom Gray Wall Gray Drapes Standing Lamp Gray Bedding Blue Bed Blue Headboard Blue Rug Blac Desk Orange Chair Table Lamp
Blue And Gray Bedroom Grey Wall Blue Doors Tub Blue Bed Blue Velvet Headboard Wooden Nightstand Red Table Lamps Dresser Mediterranean Rug White Bedding
Blue And Gray Bedroom Gray Walls Blue Bedding Blue Wooden Headboard White Standing Lamp Blue Curtains Windows Round Wall Mirror Black Ottoman Nightstand
Blue And Gray Bedroom Chandelier Gray Bed Gray Headboard Shag Rug Blue Bench Blue Ottoman Gray Walls Mirrored Nightstands White Table Lamps Fireplace
Blue And Gray Bedroom Grey Walls Blue Headboard Artwork White Table Lamps Nightstands Blue Bedding Blue Rug Blue Chairs Side Tables

If you are looking for a color combination which can create a cool appearance for a bedroom, blue and gray combination can be one of the choices. The bold of blue can be combined with the neutral gray, they can make a good color balance and will absolutely look gorgeous, masculine, and beautiful. You can mix and match the blue furniture items and gray bedroom walls. You can also add a pretty hue to be the bedroom accent. Here are some dazzling blue and gray bedroom ideas that will be your inspiration to create a nice bedroom with a cool color combination.

Navy Bed and Gray Wall

The beautiful wooden furniture items and the Mediterranean rug warm up this bedroom, but the owner gave it a nice touch through the blue and gray colors on the bed, doors, and the wall. The navy hue can give strong look in this bedroom.

Monochromatic  Color Scheme

This is an example of monochromatic because this bedroom has different shades. The dark blue carpet, blue bean bag, light blue blanket, the gray shades, and gray nightstands. This blue and gray bedroom looks so cozy.

A Beautiful Blue and Gray Bedroom

The blue touch on the gray hue is really beautiful in this bedroom. The shag rug color is like the blue blend into the neutral gray.

The Rich Blue

The rich blue on the table lamp shade and pillows are such a nice statement in this bohemian blue and gray bedroom. It is a pretty addition to the calming hues.

Colors for A Traditional Bedroom

Glamorous touch can be added to a traditional bedroom by applying the glamorous color. The sapphire blue with dark gray is shown in this eclectic bedroom. The sapphire blue is on the headboard and the chairs, while dark gray is on the pillows and throw.

A Royal Blue and Gray Bedroom

Feel the royal feeling in this blue and gray bedroom. This feeling is made by the rich royal blue on the headboard, chair, and table lamp shade. The gray wall with the copper effect makes them stand out more.

A Modern Small Bedroom

A single owner bedroom has more ability to create a nice bedroom for himself. This bedroom offers a blue single bed, a teal blue nightstand, blue curtains, and gray walls. The white floor lamp and the wall mirror are the modern touch.

An Inspiring Wall Color

Different from before, this blue and gray bedroom has more gray features than the blue ones. It is a great example for you who don’t really like the bold color.

A Classic Bedroom in Blue and Gray

This classic bedroom features a classic blue bed with its headboard, a classic chandelier, and a desk. The gray drape is chosen to match with the gray wall.

Gray Bedding with Blue and Gold Accents

The custom gray bedding, blue bench, and luxurious shag rug under it bring sophistication. While placing the gold accents in this bedroom made for an inviting space.

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