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bathroom, blue floor tiles, whte wal, blue patterned wall, wooden floating snk, white toilet, Camille Styles

Bathroom, Blue Subway Wall Tiles, Grey Floor, White Tub, Rattan Basket
Bathroom, Blue Floor Tiles, Whte Wal, Blue Patterned Wall, Wooden Floating Snk, White Toilet,
Bathroom, Blue Floor, Dark Blue Wall Tiles, Wooden Stoo, Shower,
Bahtroom, Blue Wall Tiles, Shower With Glass Partition, Dark Wooden Floor, White Tub, Glass Windows
Bathroom, Blue Square Floor And Wall Tiles, White Tub, Blue Wall, Blue Ceiling, White Hole For Plants, White Door
Blue Wall Tiles, Dark Blue Floor Tiles, Shower
Bathroom, Light Blue Wall Tiles, Dark Blue Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Floor In Tub Area
Bathroom, Grey Tiny Floor Tiles, White Wall, Blue Wall Tiles, White Tub, White Toilet
Bathroom, Blue Tiny Floor And Wall Tiles, White Vanity, White Wall, Wooden Layered, Grey Vanity Foor
Bathroom, Blue Patterned Accent Wall And Floor, White Wall Tiles, Moroccan Pendant, Golden Shower

If you love blue, you might probably have your rooms decorated in blue, or if you don’t want to be too bold, you can put some blue decorations. However, there is one room that if you decorate in blue, it will not be too much: bathroom. Having blue in the bathroom can be really fun and bold at the same time. As there are many shades of blue, there will be many different look that the bathroom can have. Well, let’s just dig into these blue bathrooms.

Deep Water
If water is not colorless, it would have the color of blue, just like the way you see t in the movies and ads. This one below shows just how exactly it would be in the movie when the characters are deep under the water. Installed in this bathroom, the deep dark blue looks cal and serene. Moreover, this bathroom is simply completed with shower and wooden tools.

Blue White
One of the colors that easily matches blue is white (white is probably the easiest color to match with any color). And this bathroom shows how beautiful it is to put white in the vanity alongside blue in the shower area. The grey and wooden floor gives neutral vibe to the bright blue and white.

Different Shades
Playing with shades seen in this fun look really fun. The light blue wall tiles looks bright and the dark floor tiles give deep dimension to the room. The neutral tub area makes a contrast to the blue area.

Blue Subway
As subway looks really good in white, it also looks good in blue. It brings the usual subway wall look here but in different shades. The tiles and the tub pronounces each other really well.

Patterned Blue
This small yet elegant bathroom has fancy accents inside. It has golden faucet in tub and shower and the white Moroccan pendant on the ceiling is really interesting and pretty. The blue patterned tiles on the wall and floor prettify the room even more.

Exotic Patterns
Similar to the previous one, this one also create the blue ambiance by adding patterns. The combination of different patterns make the room even more interesting. Combined with the wooden floating vanity and nook on the wall, the bathroom is surely beautiful and exotic.

Soft and Calm
While in the previous ones blue makes the room bright and fresher, in this one here, it helps the room to create calm and soft look. Combine with white, the ambiance is even softer.

Fresh Blue
Just like the one before, this bathroom uses blue to make the room feels clean, soft, and calm. Accompanied with glass window and glass partition, the room feels fresh and airy.

Blue and Blue
IF you love to actually have monochrome blue but you want to make things look fun, combining different shades of blue can help the room to look more exciting while still stay in the blue palette.

All Blue
This one shows how bold bright blue can be, especially when the whole room is in the same shades.

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