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entrance, grey floor, blue long rug, white shiplap, blue door, white floating shelves, wooden bench with white cushion, blue curtain, star pendant Metrie

Entrance, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Console Table, Star Pendants, Blue Rug, White Blue Stairs
Entrance, Brick Floor, Blue Wall, Wooden Floating Shelf, Round Mirror, Stool, Glass Windows, Cream Curtain, Rattan Pot
Concrete Floor, Patterned, Rack, Mint Green Doors, Rattan Basket, Chandelier, Clothes Hanger
Entrance, Brown Floor Tiles, Light Blue Wall Wainscoting, Pictures, Glass Pendant, Thin Console Table, Mirror
Entrance, Blue Floor, Blue Teal Wall, Wooden Bench, Rattan Rugs
Entrance, Grey Floor, Blue Long Rug, White Shiplap, Blue Door, White Floating Shelves, Wooden Bench With White Cushion, Blue Curtain, Star Pendant
Entrance, Wooden Floor, Blue Painted Wall
Entrance, Bleu Floor, Dark Blue Wall, Fringe, Mirror, Sconces, Rattan Bench
Entrance, Blue Wall, Strong Brown Wooden Cabinet, Round Mirror, Blue Curtain, White Table Lamp
Blue Entrance, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, Blue Wall, Blue Door, Yellow Door, Black Pendant, Wooden Cabinet

An entrance is an important thing in the house. It welcomes anyone who comes to the house. And a nice entrance will mean a nice welcome. Creating a nice welcome with blue color is one of the easiest ways you can do. It radiates cool, calm and elegance ambiance at once. If you are looking for inspirations creating pretty blue entrance, here below are just the right things for you.

Stacking Color
This pretty entrance gives out inspiring touches you can do to make things interesting. The deep blue wall and door looks calm, along with the soft patterned rug on the floor. This indoor setting radiates relaxing and elegance structure while the outdoor look of the door gives a fun and cheerful look. Who would not get calm when expecting to see vibrant color but see deep calming entrance instead?

Cultured Entrance
This one here creating a softer look with blue colored in the entrance. The details on the wall brings on traditional and more classic touches, along with the dark gold table lamp and beautiful glass globe pendant. The pictures on the wall brings a cultured look to the entrance.

Blue Teal Combination
This one here also puts interesting wall decoration to the entrance and create a exotic and natural space in the entrance. With blue floor and deep teal wall combination, the space looks interestingly contrast to the natural decorations.

Painted Blue
For a small and really narrow space, sometimes people just leave the area bare in fear of making the space look crowded. This one here gives some inspirations to how to make it interestingly blue without making it crowded.

Blue Background
In this one, the blue color looks strong as used both in floor and wall. And this blue background puts an interesting contrast to the bohemian decoration seen in he fringe and rattan bench. The half round mirror also puts a unique touch in here.

Fresh and Bright
This one here puts bright and fresh look in the entrance with bright blue wall. The glass window and door puts the brightness even better while the sturdy cabinet brings some war, anchor to the entrance.

Natural Blue
Although natural look is usually combined with green, blue turns out to be a great color to. This one here puts small natural touches on the floor and shelves and make the entrance feel light. The plants give an endearing touch.

Homey and Minimalist
If you have little nook near the entrance, you can create some minimalist beauty like this one here. The wooden rack and rattan baskets bring natural touches in this simple nook whiel the chandelier and the storage doors offer pretty touches.

On the Floor
Creating blue entrance does not always mean adding something on the wall. This one here puts interesting blue rug on the floor and blue pathways on the floor that brings some blue lines to the room.

Blue Farmhouse Entrance
With large glass window and blue curtain, the light that comes in this one seems bluish already. So, the long blue rug and doors strengthen this bluish lights beautifully.

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