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bedroom with blue walls, white ceiling, warm yellow rug, white bedding, blue bed cover, wood cabinet, table lamps Draw the Line Design

Blue has been characterized as a calming, deep, intelligent, trust and faith. It can slow your heart rate too. Having blue in your bedroom might be a great choice of color. For someone who already loves blue color, having a bedroom with blue theme might be something so personal. However, there are many kinds of blue colors. If you have already picked your favorite blue, you can go on and have fun decorating your room. However, if you haven’t decided on what blue color you want for your room, you can see some ideas below. It is because different shade can bring different feeling to the room.

Aegean Blue Color

Blue has been remarked as a color that has depth. But with this kind of blue, you go deeper and deeper. You can feel even calmer with this kind of blue with its soothing soft deep blue. This is a perfect choice for a bedroom wall. And in this picture, even the cover is in Aegean blue too!

Calming Blue Stone

Blue Stone is another blue color that can calm your nerve. You can see the soothing feeling you get when you see the color. Its soft color brings the room into a state where sleeping is the most comfortable things to do.

Denim Blue Wall

If you like a darker color, you can try this dark denim blue that goes very well with white bedding and other blue decorations like rug, blanket, pillows, and table lamp. Although the other blue is light and bright but denim blue wall balance everything.

Blue Night Sky

Even if you want blue color in your room, you don’t have to have it in the entire wall. You can just have it in one side of the wall and it still looks good. This dark night blue clearly a great color in welcoming you to sleep.

Navy Blue

This is another calming blue that you will like to have in your room. And like the previous room, this one, too, only have one side of blue colored wall. The other side of the wall and the ceiling is all in white.

Bright Ocean Blue

In this bight ocean blue, you might be able to see yourself in seashore where you can play all day with the waves. This bright ocean blue is for you who are active and full of energy.

Mountain Sky

In this bright and bold mountain sky blue, you will see a room full of energy where the wall is all in blue and the furniture is in white or blue. The painting in the wall even though it’s white, the bright yellow, pink, and blue inside it shows a strong characteristics.

Blue Sea Foam

This is another bright blue that shows so much energy. It is a perfect color for young age and kids. This will bring happiness and fun when they sleep and wake up the next morning.

Arctic Blue

In this bright cold blue room, the ambiance is quite fun, the furniture is mostly either in white or blue that makes it a great match. The energy in this room is palpable in the entire room. And you might notice the crystal lamp that looks so pretty and energizing.

Soft Indigo

Indigo is a mix of blue and violet that makes a really beautiful color. And if you make it light, its soft beauty looks so clear. This is a good color for calming bedroom, especially for girls.

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