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dining room, brown floor tiles, white wall, white console table, white table lamp, round mirror, blue patterned curtain, white chair with white patter on the back and blue cushion The Glam Pad

Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, Blue Wallpaper, White Bench With Blue Cushion, Blue Pillows, Rattan Chairs, Wooden Table, White Chandelier
Dining Room, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Console Table, White Table Lamp, Round Mirror, Blue Patterned Curtain, White Chair With White Patter On The Back And Blue Cushion
Living Room, Bron Rug, Coffee Table, White Wall, Blue Patterned Curtain, Blue Patterned Chair, White Sofa, White Chair, White Table Lamp, Chandelier,
Living Room, White Rug With Blue Square Lines, White Wall, White Sofa, Brown Wooden Coffee Table, Black Frame Pendant
Living Room, Brown Rug, Blue Green Sofa, Blue Patterned Chairs, Paintings,cream Wall, Classic Pendant
Dining Room, Brown Rattan Rug, Wooden Round Table, Wooden Chairs With White Blue Patterned Cushion, Blue Framed Door
Dining Room, Large Glass Doors, White Floor, Wooden Chairs With Rattan Seat, Chandelier, White Wall, Vaulted Ceiling, Blue Patterned Curtain, Blue Patterned Chair
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Large Glass Windows, White Wooden Table, White Wooden Chairs, Blue Pattern Cushion, Blue Cushion, Bleu Pattern Curtain
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, White Wall, Blue Patterned Lounge Chair, Paintings, Wooden Console Table, Wooden Beams
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Blue Island, White Marble Counter Top, Rattan Pendants, White Cabinets, Blue Curtain, White Marble Backsplash

Blue is an easy color that can be combined to many things. The calming and relaxing color gives a great look to any room you want. And with some patterns, it becomes even more interesting. Adding blue patterned details to a room can bring a pretty and fresh look to the room. These stunning rooms below will be a great examples of how fun yet sweet rooms can be.

Fresh Chairs
This dining room is the first beautiful room that we can see. The strong blue framed doors has brought a bluish light to the room already. And the blue chairs make the room even more beautiful. This blue pattern give strong vibe to the room.

Airy Living Room
In this living room, the large white background brings a neutral ambiance that brightens the room even more. The details in blue pattern make the room so beautifully magnificent.

Enriched the Room
As blue can look so calming, beautiful patterns in blue surely brings another level of beauty. In this room with vaulted ceiling, the light comes in without any difficulties and the blue details look so pronounced in this bright setting.

Open Blue
In this living room with large glass door, the combination of blue looks strikingly graceful. As there are several patterns in the room and paintings, this bright room brings a sense of fullness without making it less graceful.

Blue Chinas
A pretty blue patterned lounge chair surely makes an interesting touch in the living room. Combined with the natural touches of the floor, rug, console table and beams on the ceiling. And to make it stronger, pretty blue chinas are added to the console table.

Blue Nook
A beautiful dining set will make your every dining time feels amazing. For a breakfast, this one below will give you the energy for the whole day. The bright light comes from the window make the beautiful blue cushion and rattan chairs pronounced.

Blue Kitchen
Even the kitchen can basked in glorious blue. The white and blue combination has brought the perfect ambiance to the kitchen. The pattern on the floor and curtain spice things up in this nautical kitchen. The rattan pendants bring the kitchen fun touch in the room.

In the Sunroom
Warmth is felt strongly in this sunroom with beautiful dining set. The blue pattern curtain is made as a set of the chairs and to complete the set, dark blue cushioned chairs are also added.

Beautiful Blue Details
Similar to the previous one, this one also offers a pretty sight in the dining room with blue pattern seen in the chair. Also put in the wall,the blue curtain brings the blue ambiance to the room.

Tropical Nuance
The dining room in this one puts a really pretty look with white and blue combination. The interesting and beautiful white chair with patterned design offers an amazing look to the dining set itself. with blue patterned curtain, the room becomes even more beautiful.

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