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boho bedroom with wooden floor, wooden palette bedding, white bed, macrames, plants, shelves, white cupboard Instagram

Bedroom With White Floor, White Rug, White Bed And Pillows, Plants, Small Side Table, Plants Pictures
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Wooden Palette For Bedding, White Bed With Pillows, Plants, Small Tables, Hanging Shelves, Black Cabinet
Boho Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, White Paited Wall, Bed On The Floor Near A Half Circle Windows, Light Grey Bedlinen, Plants, Minimalist Table With Lamp
Boho Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Wooden Palette Bedding, White Bed, Macrames, Plants, Shelves, White Cupboard
Bedroom With Brown Floor, Rug, Wooden Palette Bedding, White Bed And Pillows, Hanging Plants, Painting, Big Windows
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Rug, Hanging Rail, Chair, Simple Side Table, Lamp, Brown Bed
Small Bedroom With Light Grey Wooden Floor, White Bed And Pillows, Plants, White Shelves Beside The Bed, Windows
Bedroom With Bed Without Bedding, Ethnic Patterned Pillows, Plants,
Bedroom With Light Brown Wooden Floor, Brown Wall, White Bed Curtain With Bamboo, Macrame, Side Table With Lamps, Brown Wall
Boho Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Bed Linen With Grey Accent, White Painted Wall, Hanged Plants, Plants On The Floor

Everyone has their own character that often is shown on how they pick things for themselves including the things for their room. If you have the gypsy character in loving nature and warmth inner personality, you would probably love to decorate your own bedroom in bohemian style. With its warm natural look, your room will look interesting. So, let’s see what you can do to style your bedroom in boho style.

The Simplest Way

If you only start to dig in the style and want to try the style for your room, you can try putting some plants in your room, either on the floor or let it hanging from the ceiling. You can also play with patterns to make your room even more like gypsy’s merry clothes. With a little bit of macramé node, the bohemian style is yours.


Wooden Floor

Getting in all nature feeling is never wrong with wooden furniture. And with wooden floor, it is like you are surrounded in nature itself. Leaving your wall in bare white might be a smart move so that all the decoration can be seen perfectly. Your hanging plants, the plants you put in the bedside, or even white lamps will be seen.


Natural Light

Besides playing with pattern, in bohemian style, you can play with the light too. With natural light that you get from your window, you will have the best lighting in your room. You can put some kinds of lamps in your room too. Besides that, having your wooden furniture in small and simple way will make your room wider and airier. The plants make it even fresher in the room.


Small Bohemian Bedroom

You don’t have to have big room for bohemian style. You can decorate small room in boho style without getting all cluttered and cramped in colours. In this picture here, you can see that the wall, floor, and bed are all in white and it might seem like it’s cold but the plants in the bed side and in the window sill brings the warmth inside.


Plants on the Painting

If you are brave enough to put some living plants in your room, you can depend the bohemian feeling from it. However, if you’re not confident enough upon how you will maintain the plants in a room, you can have one plant and put natural ornaments like painting in your room. It can be plants or animals.  You have plenty options to choose.


Simple Warmth

Similar to the previous ones, this one also basically lay upon the light from the window. The room has warmth feeling from the rugs, the wooden floor, and the linen on the bed. Those things and the light complement each other perfectly, not to mention that the plants are well located.


Wooden Palette

One of the qualities in bohemian style is the natural touch. You can either have it in the plants decoration or putting something that you actually use like wooden palette. There are many ways you can use it with. One of them is by using it as your bedding. You only need to put it on the floor and spread your bed upon it.


White Wooden Palette

This is another use of wooden palette that not only brings out the natural attributes but also is really beautiful. Painted in similar colour palette as the room, it makes the room looks cleaner and the plants can be more pronounced.


Palette and Macramé

Similar with the previous ones, this one also uses wooden palette as the supporter of the bed. To make it more volume, the palettes are stacked higher and it’s not even in the same size as the bed so that the opened part left can be some kind of table. One thing that makes this room looks cozy and interesting is the macramé decoration. Those are the focal points of bohemian feels in this room.


White Canopies

This one here is also really interesting in so many ways start from the light wooden floor, bamboo supported white canopies to the round macramé in the head of the bed.

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