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bedroom, brown rug, red rug, pink bedding, white wall, orange curtain, rattan chair, plants Bohemian Style Ideas

Bedroom, Orange Rug, White Wall, Rattan Cupboard, Wooden Platform, Yellow Bedding, Wooden Side Table, Mirror
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Leather Headboard, Yellow Bed Cover,
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Grey Platform, Yellow Bedding, Wooden Bench, Ratan Bench
Bedroom, Rug, White Bedding, Pink Fur, White Wall, Rattan Pendant
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Round Rattan Rug, Pink Wall, Pink Curtain, Rattan Pendant
Bedroom, Brown Rug, Red Rug, Pink Bedding, White Wall, Orange Curtain, Rattan Chair, Plants
Bedroom, White Floor, White Wall, Yellow Bedding, Rattan Chair, Rattan Coffee Table, Black Chair, Wooden Side Table
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Pink Bed, Mint Green Wall, Side Table, Rattan Basket, Wooden Bench
Bohemian Bedroom, Peach Bedding, Cream Platform, Rug, Pink Round Mirror, Peach Curtain, White Exposed Wall
Bohemian Bedroom, Peach Bedding, Cream Platform, Rug, Pink Round Mirror, Peach Curtain, White Exposed Wall

Bohemian setting is always fun and comfortable even to look at. Setting in the bedroom, bohemian look brings even more relaxing aura that you will find comfortable. Setting up a bohemian look does not always mean a complicated arrangement. It can be set simple. These below shows how a bohemian bedroom can be set in a simple way yet still can bring warmth and cozy feeling. For those who love to create the warmth bohemian in the bedroom, these incredible bedrooms would bring some lights.

Pink Bohemian
If you want to create a sweet blush in bohemian look, this one here can show you how to. The pink bedding looks so cozy and sweet in the middle of neutral warm floor and furniture.

Yellow Bohemian
While the previous one shows a sweet look, this one shows a fun and cheerful look in bohemian bedroom. This one shows a simple bedroom with neutral arrangement that looks bright because of the bedding and of course the plants on the floor. Bench and rattan rug and basket put the same effect.

Vibrant Simplicity
Although simple look means minimalist details, this one here look simple because of the minimalist furniture. The room is completed only with bed platform, rattan cupboard, wooden side table and mirror. With vibrant bedding and the plants, the simple arrangement brightens up.

Exposed Brick
A simple detail is always a detail. This one puts a subtle detail on the wall but it looks so boho along with the patterned rug and the fringe at the end of the blanket. Of course, the plant is ready to make the room looks fresh and natural.

Old Bohemian
With its old characteristic, this room can be easily decorated into rustic or bohemian look. And this one is kind of showing both. The yellow bed cover puts a cheerful note amidst the strong old look.

Low Bed
A simple look can be done by doing simple action too. While the previous one puts the bed on a bed platform with natural material, this one forgets the platform and put the bed simply on the floor. Completed with rattan furniture and plants, bohemian is presented so clearly.

Plants on Window
Adding bohemian character should not be too difficult. Even a simple hanging plants on the window sill can help you getting the fresh and warm touch.

Blushing Bohemian
Similar to the first one, this one also paints a sweet looking wall in creating bohemian setting. The natural bohemian look is seen in the wooden floor, rattan rug and pendant. Pink color and bohemian touches are clearly fun to be seen together.

Cute Bohemian
Just like the previous ones, this one puts an interestingly sweet look in the bohemian bedroom. The plants, rattan and rug strengthen the simple bohemian characters.

Bright Room
As bohemian look love natural touches, it loves adding windows to brings in the fresh air and light. In this bedroom,the windows give a bright effect and makes it look even warmer. The rattan chairs and the rugs bask the room in warmth.

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