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bohemian duvet cover traditional headboard folding stools white nightstands pendant lamps frames white bed shag rugs Serena & Lily

Bohemian Duvet Cover White Walls Frames Glass Table Lamps White Shades White Nightstands White Bedding Pink Rug Wooden Floor Beige Headboard Drawers
Bohemian Duvet Cover Colorful Wall Decor Wooden And Plastic Nightstands Table Lamp Frames Green White Bedding Pillows Green Walls
Bohemian Duvet Cover Pendant Lamps White Bedside Tables Brown Bench Gold Legs Wall Decor Brown Duvet Pillows
Bohemian Duvet Cover Wooden And White Walls Plants Tapestry Table Lamps Nightstands Mediterranean Rugs Black Trunk Rattan Chairs Ladder
Bohemian Duvet Cover Wooden Vaulted Ceiling Chandelier High Headboard White Glass Nightstands Trunk White Table Lamps Windows Grey Rug
Bohemian Duvet Cover Blue And White Pillows Beige Gold Headboard Beige Bed White Blue Bedding Wooden Floor Windows White Curtain
Bohemian Duvet Cover Silk Fabric Wooden Stool Glass Flower Vase White Walls Yellow Pendant Lamp Wooden Side Table Pillows
Bohemian Duvet Cover Traditional Headboard Folding Stools White Nightstands Pendant Lamps Frames White Bed Shag Rugs
Bohemian Duvet Cover Sloped Ceiling Indoor Plant Bamboo Table Wooden Floor Pillows Fabric Decoration Chandelier Wooden Nightstands Green Walls Window
Bohemian Duvet Cover White Drapery Colorful Pillows Bohemian Fabric Wall Decor Wooden Door White Walls Headboard Green Rug White Sloped Ceiling

Choosing a duvet cover which not only giving you warm but also decorating the room is the right way. The decorative duvet cover can emphasize the style you wish to bring in your bedroom. If you create a bohemian style for your bedroom, you can get the bohemian features for it especially the duvet cover. This style is well-known for playing with colors and patterns. Thus you can choose the duvet cover which has both of the main points for a bohemian style. Here are some awesome bohemian duvet cover ideas which have a nice pattern and you can buy to complete your bed features.

Bedroom Perfection

This bedroom offers a classic touch from the bed, stools, and pendant lamps. You will love the way the loose, lines, and vibrant colors strike the perfect balance between the preppy and bohemian. The bohemian duvet cover itself can blend well into the white and blue hues.

A Cozy Bed Tent Above The Bed

If you create an interesting guest bedroom like this, the guests will be comfortable and mesmerized. To create a cozier feeling, an old white lace table clothes can be used as an overhang bed tent.

Bohemian Chic Teenage Bedroom

Add a hanging fabric in your color palette behind the bed with the vibrant green color wall is a way to create a bohemian chic bedroom. The bohemian duvet cover adds the pattern and bold colors in this bedroom.

Textile Pattern Play

This bohemian bedroom has lots of good design details. The plants on the wall, the fabric above the bed, and the bohemian tropical duvet cover create a playful bohemian style.

Flow Naturally

The headboard, pillows, and bohemian duvet cover come in the printed textiles what look as if they were carried home from several places. All set against a backdrop of antique wooden bed, white bedside table, Moroccan trunk, and wooden vaulted ceiling.

A Cool Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom can be a cool bedroom like in this picture. It offers so many combinations of patterns, colors, and materials. The walls are divided into the wood textured wall and plain white wall. The bed is placed in the corner of them.

Add Bohemian in Glam Theme

There is something inherently calming about this bedroom, with its white paneled wall, tall tufted bed, and mid century-inspired nightstands.  The bohemian style of this bedroom comes in thanks to the layers of the artisan-inspired, block-printed bohemian duvet cover.

The Brown Palette

Pair a heavily patterned bed cover with a bench upholstered in faux animal hide and gold base. When you are working with a lot of patterns, you can choose one furniture without patterns but a blending color.

Wonderful Duvet

This wonderful duvet cover adds personality to make bedtime an absolute pleasure. It has a color combination of yellow, gray, and white which is so calming.

Created By Hand Patterns

The custom-made bohemian duvet cover can beautify a plain room. The patterns and colors on the bed create an eclectic bedroom in a home.

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