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Bohemian style has been so cheerful, comfortable, yet close to nature. Because of these characteristics, it can be really rich in colors and textures. Applying bohemian look in living room will make the room feel really comfortable and inviting. Here below are some ideas on acquiring bohemian look in living room.

Comfortable Red
As bohemian style tends to pronounce colorful look, it also looks for comfortable touch. With colorful pillows and rug, the warmth in this room is supported well, especially when it has smooth and fluffy red sofa that looks so inviting.

Earthy Look
Another character of bohemian style is the close relation to something natural. IT can be the plants, materials, or colors. And this one here combines these three to create a warm bohemian look with its plants, earthy colors, and chairs.

Exotic Looks
The warmth on a room can sometimes be gained from the old and exotic details. Seen in this picture, the orange red rug has exotic patterns, as well as the pillows. The Moroccan pendants with its colorful glasses looks great too.

Green Forest
The closeness to the nature can be seen from the color chosen for the room. Seen in this one, the moss green sofa is a great compliment to the plants on the pots and the wall decorations. It is also a great match for the rattan coffee table and wooden cabinet on the back.

Simple Old Look
Just like another boho look, this one too holds a strong nuance of natural touches seen in the rattan sofa and coffee table. Not only that, it also uses stone wall for the accent wall. The plants are looking good as the addition to the room.

Comfortable Corner
Putting a corner sofa can make a great space saving. And, if the sofa is positioned near the glass windows and the corner has green view, it will become a decoration from the outside that can be used. Seen here, to use that view, the sofa is added with several more pillows and completed with reg rug and simple coffee table to balance the look.

Rattan Swing Chair
Adding a hanging chair is a great note for a bohemian living room. It adds comfort and warmth to the room. Even when the room is colorful like this one here, adding rattan swing chair does not ruin the moment.

Shelves for Plants
For bohemian look, plants are really essential and that’s why this rattan plants shelves is serving the purpose both in looking bohemian and looks incredibly unique.

Bohemian Minimalist
Combine two look in a room can be really interesting. Seen here is a bohemian room with orange rug, plants, and wall paintings while also maintain the minimalist look on the grey sofa and wooden coffee table.

Modern Bohemian
Similar to the previous one, this one here bravely takes an interesting combination of two opposite looks, the bohemian looks with all the rattan and animal printings on the wall and also the modern look on the sofa and coffee table.

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