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living room, wooden herringbone floor, brown leather chair, red rug, white wall, white green rug, plants, wooden cabinet Doris Leslie Blau

Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Sofa, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Rattan Swing, White Pendant
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Brown Wooden Cabinets, Rug, Hanging Pots, White Rattan Chair
Living Room, Colorful Rug, White Wall, Green Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Black Coffee Table, Wooden Chair
Living Room, Wooden Herringbone Floor, Brown Leather Chair, Red Rug, White Wall, White Green Rug, Plants, Wooden Cabinet
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Cream Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Marble Coffee Table, Grey Sofa, Brown Chair
Living Room, Cream Floor, Black Wall, White Plank Ceiling, White Bench Shelves With Grey Cushion, Colorful Lounge Chair, Wooden Sofa With Pink Cushion
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Subway Fireplace, Blue Tufted Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Brown Chairs, Ceiling Fan
Living Room, Brown Floor, Red Rug, White Wall, Blue Chandelier, Blue Sofa, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Yellow Chair, Rattan Chair
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Chair With Cream Cushion, Rattan Pendant, Pink Ottomans, Brown Rug,
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Green Wall, Red Blue Patterned Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Rattan Pendant, Light Blue Sofa

Living rooms, as a place to gather with family and friends, should be comfortable. It needs to offer warmth to the people inside so that everyone would love to sit around and spend some time with each other. For those who love fresh setting, bohemian living room would be the perfect one to go. With its warmth and comfortable looking, creating bohemian look is really inviting. If you love bohemian living room, these below will give you the inspirations that you need to create one.

Bright Warm Living Room
This living room looks warm yet so bright. The light wooden floor brings in warmth from the bright light that goes through the window. The soft brown sofa and chairs blend perfectly with the surrounding, with the coffee table too.

Rattan Swing
This living room is not only warm but also fun. The rug on the floor looks sot yet brings bright ambiance. And the rattan swing brings in cheerful and fun energy to the room along with the white modern chandelier. The white sofa puts clean and tidy look, instead of the fluffy and cozy look.

Fresh Pink
In this living room, plants on the back of the room brings in fresh and natural notions that get along with bohemian look. This is supported with patterned pink ottomans and patterned rug. The simple wooden bench brings nature together with the rest of the room.

Bohemian Sunroom
This long room looks so bright and warm with all the glass wall. However, the black wall brings balance to the would-be-too-bright of a room. Between this contrast, colorful cushion and pillows are set and bring the room some fun and cheerful note.

Colorful Rug
In this one, the colorful rug and the fresh plant put a beautiful combination in the bohemian living room. The white and green wall of the room bring nice notions to the room to a refreshing and neutral background.

Rich Colors
Bohemian interior design loves colors and patterns. And in this one, a rich red rug covers most of the floor and makes a nice background to the blue and yellows sofa. The calm off-white wall brings balance in this room.

Small Bohemian Living Room
In this small living room, the decoration is not so grand but the fresh plants look nicely arranged in the window sill. The rattan pendant blends well with the freshness of the plants and the wooden floor while the red rug brings bold notion to the room.

Bright and Colorful
The living room below shows another bright living room with enough light to make it swim in light. To balance the bright light, the room has bold and strong colors that make the room interesting.

Vintage Bohemian
Besides putting bohemian look inside, this room is also capable to put some vintage furniture that goes along with the bohemian spirit. The patterns and decorations look so perfect as a combination.

Fresh Backroom
While the living room can take place in an actual room, you can also puts something around the back room. Put wooden cabinet and colorful rug along with plants, and your bohemian room is ready.

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