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red wall, grey floor, red chair, wooden shelves, grey pendant Delight Full

Living Room, Purple Sofa, Soft Purple Wall, White Purple Plaid Floor Tiles, White Side Table
Living Room, Soft Purple Wall, Pink Flower, Brown Marble Floor, Brown Patterned Rug, Green Tufted Sofa, Blue Chair, Glass Coffee Table
Living Room, Turquoise Sofa, Blue Patterned Rug, White Wall, Golden Pendants, Low Golden Tray Coffee Table
Living Room, Pink Wall, Wooden Floor, White Sofa, White Pillows
Red Wall, Grey Floor, Red Chair, Wooden Shelves, Grey Pendant
Living Room, White Marble, Magenta Wall, White Benh White Cushion, White Floor Lamp, White Wooden Door
Living Room, White Floor, White Wall, Soft Pink Bench, Pink Coffee Table, Pink Rug, Copper Pendant, Yellow Rocking Chair
Living Room, Orange Wall, Orange Sofa, Orange Swuare Ottoman, Grey Floor, White Rug
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Pink Patterned, White Wall, Red Pipe, Yellow White Wall, Turquoise Chair, White Coffee Table, Shocking Pink Sofa
Living Room, Yellow Wall, Grey Floor Rug, Yellow Sofa, Glass Top Coffee Table, Black Table Lamp

As a social place in the house, living room is always interesting to decor. It would be the main room in the house so that decorating it would be extra special. The time, the energy, the cost. However, because of this special case, you would want it to be perfect. If you want to make a strong impression, you probably want to choose the bold move, like these ones here with their bright colors.

Bright Yellow
If you love to get the brightest light, you would love to have yellow in your room. Putting yellow in your wall will bring energy to the room and everything would feel so hyped. This one here adds another bright touch along with the bright wall and it just matches perfectly well.

Fun Turquoise
Although painting a bold color to the wall can make your room feels strong with it, painting it white can actually boost the bold color in the furniture. Seen in this one is a pretty turquoise sofa and rug that looks strong among white wall.

Warm Orange
Orange can hurt your eyes sometimes. But with a warmer shade, it makes the room fun and pretty. Seen in this one, the warm wall is accompanied with orange leather sofa and ottoman that makes the room look spacious. The neutral grey and white bring balance.

Sweet Pink
In this cheerful tone of pink, the white sofa and wooden floor compliment the room altogether. The white plates and round painting is a creative way to make the decoration continues well.

Velvety Purple
This room is soft and bold at the same time. Its soft purple wall matches purple velvet sofa. The soft and bold accent gives a balance force.

Chic Magenta
Magenta is a color that makes it chic and bold. It’s unique and sweet hue brings an interesting touch to the room, even in the small part of the wall in the corner, like this one here.

Bold Red
Paint in red if all you want is a strong room. Seen in this one, the fiery red wall looks so formidable. The wooden shelves gives neutral accent along with grey floor and modern dusty green pendant. The combination with wooden chair with red cushion brings a pretty sight here.

Fresh Green
Combining bold touch with soft pastel colors can look so beautiful like in this one here. The soft purple wall with pastel touches looks amazing combined with green sofa here.

Yellow Spot
Similar to the previous one,this one too combines soft colors in the bench, coffee table, and the rug with bright yellow rocking chair and pillow. Overall, the living room has a balanced energy.

Shocking Sofa
Besides combining soft and bold colors, combining bright colors can look really interesting too, especially if you love clash of color like in the retro look, like this one. Combining shocking pink sofa, turquoise chairs, and yellow wall, this room looks super fun.

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