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small toilet with dark brown wooden floor, white toilet, dark brown floating cabinet with white marble sink on top, mirror, red wallpaper with white flowers Linda Mazur Design Group

Bedroom With Dark Wooden Floor, White Fur Rug, White Chairs, White Square Stool For Table, Neon Green Night Stand, White Bedding With White Blue Linen, Blue Flower Wallpaper
Kids Bedroom With White Table And Chair, White Bedding With White And Red Linen, Light Grey Rug, White And Red Lined Wallpaper
Bedroom With White Floor, White Cupboard, White Blue Linen Bed, Wooden Bedding With Rattan Accent, Blue Flowers Wallpaper
Small Toilet With Brown Tiles Floor, White Toilet, White Towel, White Square Framed Mirror, White Sink, White Wall Lamp, Blue White Striped Wallpaper
Small Toilet With White Tilse Floor, Grey Cabinet With White Marble Top And Sink, Large Mirror, Brown Flowery Wallpaper
Small Toilet With Dark Brown Wooden Floor, White Toilet, Dark Brown Floating Cabinet With White Marble Sink On Top, Mirror, Red Wallpaper With White Flowers
Kids Room With Wooden Floor, White Table, White Linen Bed, Green Bicycle Wallpaper In One Side, White Green Crossed Wallpaper In Another
Bathroom With Dark Wooden Floor, Black Curtain, Metallic Feet Table With Dark Stones Top With Brown Stone Sinks, Mirror, Wall Lamp, Dark Wallpaper
Entry Hallway With Brown Wooden Floor, Striped Rug, Black Wooden Table With White Wooden Chair, Mirror, Lamp, Blue Chandelier, Brown Geometric Wallpaper
Entry With Brown Wooden Floor, Brown Wallpaper In One Side, Colorful Flowery In The Other

Wallpaper is often left bare with neutral color and motive so that it can go with furniture in any color. Even if you do wainscoting your wall, often times it is in neutral color. It seems like mostly people are afraid to express in bold color although soft color is not wrong either. But, if you’re brave enough to use bold colors as your wallpaper, you’ll be amazed on how invigorating it will make you every time you see the wallpaper. Let’s see what we can do to our rooms with bold wallpaper.

Cheerful Kids’ Bedroom

Here in the picture, we can see funky green wallpaper with bicycle and wallpaper with green line all over white wallpaper that makes the wall contrast to each side. It may seem so bold contrasting two wallpapers in one room but it also makes one feels so energetic since the first time waking up.


Red White Room

Red has been considered as a bold color even in white or back environment. However, if you want to take even more daring step, you can have red in red environment. Having red wallpaper in kid’s room will make the room feel cheerful and energizing.


Big Blue Flowers

Another example of putting bold wallpaper is by having wallpaper with big pattern. You don’t have to go with bold colors as motive and pattern alone can tell you how brave you are. If you do not want to go to bold and having too many contrast, you can settle with two tones wallpaper with big pattern and you can arrange your furniture based on those colors.


Big Flower around the Room

Here is how big blue flowers will look around a bedroom. Added with white chairs and rug, this room looks bold yet romantic. The flowers give cheerful tone and feminine touch to it.


White Flowers on Red Background

Contrary to popular believe that small room should have one tone wallpaper either light or dark, this powder room actually doesn’t care about the supposedly idea. Although it may seem bit cramped, it makes whoever comes to the toilet focus on the flowers instead of how small the room might be.


Romantic Dark Wallpaper

In this bathroom here, however, even though it is not of bold color, it actually has bold pattern, not to mention of how dark and romantic the whole view is.


Brown Flowery Paper

In this powder room, similar to the red wallpaper previously, have big flower patterns all over its room even though the room is considered small. And again, the wallpaper has been the focal point of the room, not the size of the room.


Blue Striped One

Even though it looks not too racy, having whole wall to be papered with blue white striped wallpaper is still considered a bold move, especially when the bathroom is small. So if you want to try bold wallpaper but you want to try something small, you can try this one.


Colorful Tropical Plants

The bravest would be having both colorful and bright colors as well as big patterns. Here is one of the examples of putting bold moves on the wall. This entry will make everyone who come inside the room amazed by its boldness and beauty.


Bold yet Elegant Choice

Again, for entry hall, putting bold wallpaper can be a different way to welcome your guests. It is not unusual for a guest to be taken on what they see first time they set their foot. And if you have a pretty wall that shows your brave soul, it’s a perfect thing to show. With geometric patterns like this one in the picture, you definitely can go bold and elegant in the same time.

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